Djokovic returns to Australia another night and is detained before a court hearing – SABC Sport

Novak Djokovic spends Saturday night in immigrant detention before The best tennis in the world is seeking a court ruling to stop his deportation Keep his bid for the record 21st major title at the Australian Open.

Approximately 12 refugee activists were chanting while Djokovic and border guards were driving into the hotel’s underground parking lot.It is also used to accommodate 33 asylum seekers and travelers in the COVID-19 Quarantine.

This is the second time for Djokovic, who spent his first four nights in Australia in hotel detention before the judge released him on Monday after he decided that the decision to cancel his visa on arrival was unreasonable. You will be detained.

Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has decided to cancel the Serbian superstar visa because his presence could encourage opposition to COVID-19 vaccination in Australia.

“I … admit that Djokovic has a negligible risk of transmitting COVID-19 to others, but he still believes that his presence could pose a risk to the health of the Australian community. “Masu,” Hawk said in a letter to Djokovic and him. Legal team.

This explanation in Djokovic’s affidavit is more detailed than Hawk’s short statement on Friday, stating that his decision was based on “the basis for health and order.”

Judge David O’Callahan held a hearing on Djokovic’s appeal at 9:30 am on Sunday (2230 GMT on Saturday).

Djokovich’s lawyer said on Friday that deportation would only incite anti-vaccine sentiment and be as chaotic as exempting him from Australia’s requirement to stay him and vaccinate all visitors. He said he would claim to pose a threat to public health.

A court order on Friday night required the 34-year-old to surrender to an immigration officer for a Saturday morning interview before being taken to his lawyer’s officer for a preliminary hearing. After quitting his lawyer, he was supposed to be put in an immigration camp.

Border forces and the Immigration Minister’s Office did not immediately respond to requests for comment on whether Djokovic attended the interview.

The government said it would not deport until Djokovic’s complaint was heard. Djokovic hopes to be able to defend his title at the Australian Open starting Monday.

The player is Saga’s tire

The controversy obscured the traditional accumulation of Grand Slam events, and players were tired of the story.

“Honestly, I’m a little tired of the situation because I believe it’s important to talk about tennis and our sport,” said Rafael Nadal, Spain, who is tied to Djokovic in 20 major titles.・ Nadal told reporters in Melbourne Park. The event will be played.

Alexander Zverev, the third-largest German in the world, said Djokovic was mistreated and Serbs could have been used as political pawns by Australian authorities, but Canberra denied this.

Djokovic’s medical exemption from vaccine requirements for playing open has caused great anger in Australia. Australia has the world’s toughest blockade of COVID-19, with more than 90% of adults vaccinated, but hospitalization rates continue to reach record highs.

Djokovic’s refusal to obtain a jab, especially in his home country, as global scientists and policy makers focus on vaccination of as many people as possible to end the pandemic. Opposition to vaccination is intensifying in Serbia and surrounding countries.

The controversy over tennis players was a political touchstone when Prime Minister Scott Morrison was preparing for the election by May.

His government has gained domestic support for its strict stance on border security during a pandemic, but faces criticism of Djokovic’s handling of visa applications.

Djokovic, who will face Serbian Miomir Kekumanov in the first round of the open, is aiming for a record 21st Grand Slam title. But instead of hitting Rod Laver Arena on Monday, he could be deported by plane from Melbourne.

He can withdraw from Australia and leave Australia.

“The Australian Open is far more important than any other player,” said Nadal, who Djokovic considers to be his biggest rival on the tennis court.

“If he’s finally playing, OK. If he’s not playing, the Australian Open would be great … with or without him.”

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Djokovic returns to Australia another night and is detained before a court hearing – SABC Sport

Source link Djokovic returns to Australia another night and is detained before a court hearing – SABC Sport

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