Djokovic was detained again in Australia and declared a public threat

Australia returned Novak Djokovic to detention on Saturday, saying that opposition to tennis star vaccination could cause “citizen anxiety” and a high-profile court showdown.

Australia’s conservative government, which has failed to expel an unvaccinated 34-year-old child from the country, is trying again.

And Djokovic is making a second counterattack, with a new court appeal scheduled for Sunday.

The proceedings will be tried by a full federal court of three judges. In this form, there is little room to appeal the decision.

So far, Serbian Ace has returned to the infamous Melbourne Immigration Detention Center after a few days of freedom following his first successful court appeal.

A convoy moving to the former Park Hotel facility was found in his law firm, where he was on alert for most of Saturday.

For millions of people around the world, the Serbian star is best known as a full-fledged tennis champion with a ferocious backhand and his attitude towards vaccines.

In court filings, Australia cast him as an anti-boxer figurehead and as a catalyst for potential “civil insecurity” that must be eliminated for the public good.

The presence of Dykovich in Australia “may foster feelings of opposition to vaccination,” said Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, justifying the use of broader administrative authority to revoke Ace’s visa.

Not only does Djokovic encourage people to ignore health rules, Hawk said, but his presence can lead to “citizen anxiety.”

Therefore, just two days before the Australian Open begins, defending champions will once again focus on the low court instead of the center court.

After months of speculation about whether Djokovic would be vaccinated to play in Australia, he went to Australia a week ago hoping to challenge the open and record 21st Grand Slam title. I used a medical exemption to enter the country.

Many Australians suffering from long-term blockades and border restrictions believe that Djokovic played the system to fend off immigration requirements for vaccines.

In public protest, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government revoked Djokovic’s visa on arrival.

However, the government was humiliated when the judge revived Djokovic’s visa and allowed him to stay in the country.

This time, the government has exercised an exceptional and difficult-to-challenge executive branch to declare him a threat to public health and security.

According to experts, the case happens to have important implications beyond the fate of a man who is good at tennis.

Sanzhuan Guo, a law instructor at Flinders University, said:

Djokovic’s lawyer claims that the government “did not cite evidence” to support their claim.

The minister acknowledged that Djokovic’s risk of infecting Australians is “negligible,” but his past “ignore” of Covid-19 regulations poses a risk to public health and disregards pandemic rules. He insisted that it could encourage people.

Tennis Ace was infected with Covid-19 in mid-December and, according to his own explanation, could not be isolated, even though he knew he was positive.

According to public records, he attended a stamp unveiling youth tennis event and allowed media interviews when he was tested and confirmed to have the latest infection.

Djokovic is the top seed of the Australian Open and has won nine tournaments. He was practicing just hours before Hawk’s decision was announced.

Visa cancellation effectively means that Djokovic will be barred from obtaining a new Australian visa for three years.

He is currently tied to Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with 20 Grand Slam titles each.

Serbian President Alexander Vucci accused Australia of being “abused” on Friday as the country’s largest star and national hero.

“If Novak Djokovic wanted to ban him from winning his tenth trophy in Melbourne, why didn’t he return him right away and why he didn’t tell him” it’s impossible to get a visa. ” Is it? “Vucic said on Instagram.

“Novak, we are by your side!”

Spain’s great Nadal swiped his rivals on Saturday, and players complained that the scandal had cast a shadow over this year’s opening Grand Slam.

“The Australian Open is far more important than any other player,” Nadal told reporters at Melbourne Park.

“The Australian Open will be a great Australian Open with or without him.”

Australian Open champion Naomi Osaka called Djokovic’s saga “unhappy” and “sad” and said it could be a decisive moment in his career.

“I think it’s an unfortunate situation. He’s a very nice player and it’s sad that someone might remember (his) like this,” she said.

Djokovic was detained again in Australia and declared a public threat

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