Does former Springbok coach Peter de Villiers trade rugby for politics?

Former Springbok coach Peter de Villiers, according to the latest developments, seems to be preparing for a career in life and politics other than rugby.

The latest image of de Villiers posing with GOOD Party leader Patricia de Lille came as a confirmation that a former Springbok mentor has joined her party.

De Villias becomes candidate for mayor of GOOD party

De Villiers, who has signed a contract as a coach for the first part of the Currie Cup based in Port Elizabeth and a coach for the Elephant of the Province Robins (EP), is now resigning as a good party mayoral candidate for the Drakenstein municipality. increase.

On Sunday, leader De Lier announced eight mayoral candidates from her Good Party, and De Lier’s could have proved a shocking revelation to many. I found myself as one of the.

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Talking about the candidate, De Lille worked with De Villiers to make it enthusiastic. Everyone “has a proven track record, has the trust of the community, and doesn’t have to lie about their qualifications,” which can easily be interpreted as a sly bargain at the previous party’s DA.

No previous experience

De Lier had no previous experience in this regard, but he was convinced that De Lier had proved himself well in other areas of life.

“He (De Villias) knows the pressure of expectations and the power of teamwork. How to manage people and motivate them to do their best. How to break through the wrong ceiling and expand the height of the world. “. statement From the GOOD party

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“He also understands the vicious cycle of poverty and the difficulties faced when colorful people are released from the historic cast. He is one of the most luxurious tables in Pearl, and also the most. We ate with many of the poor, and he has experience dealing with contracts and managing budgets, “they continued.

The party believes he was abused

The GOOD party also admits that DeVilliers wasn’t easy during his tenure as a Springbok coach.

“Peter (Villiers) became one of South Africa’s most successful national rugby coaches when his rugby team wasn’t ready for his first black coach. In his hands, Springbock was after isolation. I got into the habit of beating the All Blacks more than any other time in my history and walked the British and Irish Lions in 2009. “

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“Rugby loss is in the interests of good people. Peter is passionate about leveling his hometown of Pearl’s arena. He wants to build a common.

Both the rich and the poor understand the link between dignity and justice on the one hand and stability and prosperity on the other, “they conclude.

Does former Springbok coach Peter de Villiers trade rugby for politics?

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