Dr. Dre ‘legally single after judge signs off on divorce request’

Dr. Dre is legally single after the judge approves his request for divorce from Nicole Young, but he is still bound by a prenuptial agreement with his ex-boyfriend.

The 56-year-old rapper has been married to Nicole since 1996, but according to TMZ, he is now “formally divorced.”

However, the pair is still fighting over the validity of the prenuptial agreement.

Dre claims that the prenuptial agreement is valid, but Nicole claims that the hip-hop icon does not force it and wants to declare it invalid.

A 51-year-old former lawyer had previously claimed that the I Need a Doctor hit maker (whose real name is Andre Young) had destroyed multiple copies of the prenuptial agreement after marriage.

However, Mr. Dre denied pressure to sign Mr. Nicole or destroy the document, pointing out the provisions in the contract that changes must be made in writing.

He allegedly wanted to remove the case from the court system and have a private judge handle the divorce.

In April, Dore was ordered by the court to pay Nicole’s divorce lawyer $ 500,000.

She asked Los Angeles Judge Michael Powell to force Dore to pay $ 2 million a month to support her spouse and $ 5 million a month to pay attorneys’ fees.

However, at a hearing, a senior court judge ordered Dre to pay $ 500,000 to a lawyer within 10 days, but the decision on the issue of spouse support was postponed until another hearing on July 8.

In January, Dre agreed to pay Nicole $ 2 million for spouse support, which covered the period until April 14.

Nicole was demanding more than $ 2 million a month, but Dore’s lawyer had previously told the court that she had voluntarily paid all her expenses since her client divorced.

She also demanded $ 5 million in legal fees, but said her estranged husband had already voluntarily paid nearly $ 1 million, even though the divorce notice was not filed until June last year.

Dre denies Nicole’s allegations of emotional and physical abuse.

Dr. Dre ‘legally single after judge signs off on divorce request’ Source link Dr. Dre ‘legally single after judge signs off on divorce request’

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