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DWS is organizing a workshop in N Cape to improve hygiene

The Department of Water and Public Health will hold a faecal sludge treatment workshop on Thursday with the participation of North Cape water and hygiene stakeholders.

The workshop will be held at Dawid Kruiper Local Government in Upington.

The ministry said it had made progress in developing a National Sewage Sludge Management Strategy (NFSMS) for Non-Sewer Sewerage Systems, a National Integrated Public Health Plan (NSIP), and a National Health Framework (NSF).

“The consultation workshop will be a platform to share and seek the views of all stakeholders in the Northern Cape to further develop the framework.

“NFSMS, NSF and NSIP are making radical changes in the water and sanitation sector as a result of inequalities and inequalities in access to hygiene services, the unintended consequences of sewer spills and other hygiene challenges,” the statement said.

The ministry said some of the issues examined are hygiene norms and standards that need to be reviewed and customized to remove fecal mud and respect dignity, especially for women, the elderly and girls.

“Another spike in the body is the elimination of bucket-toilets that are becoming a moving target due to the mushroom-like reproduction of informal settlements. In terms of norms and standards, better forms of hygiene must be implemented and enforced to ensure the complete elimination of bucket toilets. ”

The ministry said support for water authorities, such as municipalities, needs to be strengthened through cooperation and partnerships in the water and wastewater sectors.

“Community participation will be strengthened by the further development of water and sanitation forums.” –

DWS is organizing a workshop in N Cape to improve hygiene

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