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The lives of rich and famous people have always been an attack on ordinary people like ourselves and the next sociable trend sees them embark on a final jet tasting menu on a private jet.

To create a seamless experience, private jet charter agents, Fast Private Jet, have teamed up with industry leaders in the science and food space.

This includes Michelin trained chef Stephen Toward and master sommelier Doug Forest, to make the ultimate menu for flight tasting.

In a statement, Fast Private Jet they say they have noticed that their clients’ comfortable lifestyles are from the highest levels.

From chartering yachts for business brunch or flying halfway around the world to experiencing the best restaurants they noticed that there was a gap for a luxury flight menu that would surpass the high dining experiences across the globe.

They took into account how high altitude and air pressure while flying can affect our taste buds and our sensory ability to enjoy food.

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Ellie Bubsy, a nutritionist and nutritionist, shared information on the most subtle type of food on a plane.

Seven Frost and Toward curator courses are completed with wine pairings for each dish as the pair goes into detail on the flavor profile of each course.

A seven-course flight menu to impress comfortable clients

Fast Private Jet seven course menu curated by Michelin star chef Stephen Toward and master sommelier Doug Frost. Picture: Suppliers

Course One – bang truffle ravioli with flaked smoked confit duck

Toward says this dish is about “kicking your taste buds with the smoky salty taste of slow confit duck feet, and a stark contrast to the rich wound flavor of the truffle bang ravioli wound.”

The wine pair consists of Italian red wine, Banfi Rosso di Montalcino 2019 Tuscany that has notes of tangy red cherry flavors but has a hint of clay and herbal components that accentuate this intense dish, says Frost.

Course Two – Wild Garlic and Nettle Veloute with Frog Feet

The course highlights the vibrant color and flavor of Nettle (herbal leaf), wild garlic and a hint of anchovy salinity. The dish is paired with Austrian Schloss Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner 2019 wine, a textured wine to taste and flavor the soup.

Course Three – Crème Brulee Goat Cheese with Sables Parmesan & Pear Set

Chef Toward says the Brulee is inspired by his excellent private dining experience at Stone Dining. Describing the dish, he said: “The sharpness of the sable parmesan and the addition of quince in the chutney give a sweet, sour taste that cuts the richness of the dish, in small mouthfuls.”

The wine pairing, LaMarca Prosecco nv Veneto, is a sparkling Italian wine with a wonderful match complemented with its pear and apple aromas.

Course Four: Maple Salmon Planted with flaky native brown crab, radish, cucumber and peas

A classic blend of spring and summer flavors, pickled corn and lemon crab meat and salmon that is slightly cured serves as a palate cleanser. The wine contains enough Sonoma St Supery Sauvignon Blanc 2020 from California that has enough biscuits for the preserved salmon.

Course Five: Grilled English Mature Beef Fillet, Smoked Beech Wood Beet, Horseradish Dumplings, Cured Dry Bacon & Cure Puree

Towards says the smoked beetroot beech, dumpling horseradish and extra ripe beef fillet were ripening for 45 days. He says this course is the stand out and will impress guests. Paired with French red wine Famille Perrin Cotes du Rhone 2019 Rhone Valley, Mediterranean aromas and its palate of red and black fruits.

Course six: Slow-fermented yogurt, pink rhubarb blush, ginger stem and elderflower jelly

“A little pot of happiness”, the “sweet and sour” flavors work well at this height and on the sweetest side of the menu. Frost recommends this Australian Chambers Rosewood Muscat NV Rutherglen wine with caramel and honey flavors.

Course Seven – Smoked Ash Forest Cheese with Charcoal Bread & Pick Figures

A perfect end to an unusual dinner on the air, the sweetness of honey and figs, the old port adds its chocolate and maple flavors. This dessert by 10 year old Niepoort Tawny Port.

Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele

Eat like a billionaire with this in-flight menu on a private jet – The Citizen Source link Eat like a billionaire with this in-flight menu on a private jet – The Citizen

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