Eco-Casino: South Africa Leads The Charge On Sustainable Gambling

When it comes to gambling in Africa, South Africa figures among the countries with clear rules and regulations. The government has been fighting to make sure citizens’ rights are respected each time they enter a gambling establishment. This is why they were quick to look into the concept of sustainable gambling, which has been a hot topic in the gaming world for years.

It is worth noting that, South Africa is one of the few countries in Africa that has raised the question of sustainable gaming and the impact it has on the whole gaming industry. But, before we get there, let’s take a close look at the history of gambling in South Africa.

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Evolution of Gambling in South Africa

Gambling is one of the oldest activities in the world. Its history can be traced back to 3000BC, although the rules and methods were very different from what we have now. Over the years, different countries have modelled their own gambling games. Although many countries were quick to legalize gambling establishments, South Africa has always stood out.

The history of gambling in South Africa is very interesting. When diamonds were discovered in the country, people started using them for their gambling parties. This phenomenon became so rampant that the government had to intervene. They decided to ban all forms of gambling except that of horses. Most people think the horse race gambling was simply left because of South Africa’s attachment to England, which at the time hosted the best horse races in the world.

This ban wasn’t very effective, as many illegal casinos could be found almost everywhere in the country. This is why in 1996, certain forms of real money gaming were legalized, and the horse race became an institute on its own. It led to a boom in the economy due to the registration of more than a thousand brick-and-mortar casinos in the country.

As time went by and the internet became part of our daily lives, and, another question was raised about whether online casinos should be included in the amendment concerning real casinos. Many gamblers argued that the concept of online casinos was not very different from the brick-and-mortar ones, therefore, should be left out of the laws regarding gambling establishments. This motion was not accepted. So, to enjoy games online, all those found within the boundaries of the country have to browse the latest casino sites for South African players. This helps the government ensure that its citizens stay safe online.

Is Sustainable Gambling the Future?

Sustainable gambling, also known as safer gaming, has been a trending topic for years now. And, if you too are wondering what sustainable gambling is, here is the answer you’ve been looking for. Sustainable gambling in layman’s terms is gaming that makes sure everything is safe and reasonable for players. Many casinos owners have started seeing the need to introduce this concept in their establishments.

Although these establishments are doing everything to create awareness among the gaming community, it all narrows down to the choices that each player makes. This explains why the South African government is doing everything it can to make sure the right laws and regulations are put in place. The reason they are so interested in this sustainable gambling is that South Africa has one of the largest populations of gamblers in Africa. Recent statistics show that the annual gross revenue of the country’s gambling is around R35 billion, and these figures are expected to increase in the coming years.

An Eco-Country!

Another interesting fact about South Africa is the emphasis it is putting on an eco-friendly mindset for the citizens. This endeavour can further be appreciated in the different projects they are putting in place. There is even one on making MyCiti bus depots more eco-friendly. So, it’s no surprise that this eco-friendliness is extended to one of the biggest sectors in the country.

Some casinos in South Africa are listed among the best eco-friendly gambling establishments in the world. And this comes as no surprise when you know all the resources put in place to make this happen. They go the extra mile to make sure gamers feel comfortable. A tangible example is the parking lots they specifically build for electric cars.

As a Final Note

In the past years, we’ve observed major changes in the gambling sector. The government has decided to walk hand in glove with the casino establishments owners to make sure citizens are treated fairly. Although many changes have been seen in the gambling sector, the question of online casinos is still a major concern for many gamers, who feel that the South African government should give a chance to this sector of the entertainment industry.


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