EFF welcomes the ruling of the Supreme Court of Vesturhöfði against Alþingi – SABC News

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says it welcomes the ruling of the Western Cape Supreme Court, which is sitting in Cape Town in its ruling against the parliament in sanctions it applied against Julius Malema, the party’s leader.

Last year, the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Ethics and the Interests of Members of Parliament decided to punish Malema after she found out that he used the Judiciary Committee’s interview process (JSC) as a forum for his personal interests.

This is after he questioned Elias Matojane, a judge, about a 500,000 rubles verdict he made against the EFF in favor of Trevor Manuel, the former Minister of Finance.

Malema has issued an injunction against the court to suspend the sentence.

“Judge, I was reluctant to ask you about this case because I’m involved somehow, but we’ll deal with it at a high level. The case of Manuel against EFF quantum mechanics which was partially upheld by the Supreme Court and the dose referred back to oral evidence. How did you come to the conclusion that it was right for you to award R500 000 without anyone giving oral evidence? I know that Manuel is now appealing to the Constitutional Court, but the Supreme Court has referred the case back to you and said that oral evidence must be led so that any number you came up with should be based on the evidence that should have led to it. ladder. Thank you.”

It was Malema’s question addressed to Judge Elias Matojane that triggered the parliament’s assertion that Malema abused the JSC interview process for personal gain.

But Judge Matojane had this to say when he answered the question.

“You know, Mark Twain said that nothing spoils the good story but that the eyewitness comes. This case is before the parliament and I do not think the judge is interested in my views. So, my simple answer to you, Mr Malema, is that I can only mention that it will be done by the Constitutional Court. The matter is now out of my hands. I said what I have to say and SCA has partially confirmed me as you said. SCA said the case had to go to oral evidence. We do not know what the judge is going to say. “

EFF’s arguments in the Supreme Court:

Althingi not happy with the handling of the case

In its answer, Althingi says that although it respects the verdict, it is not satisfied with how the case was handled.

A spokesman for Moloto Motapo said the agency would seek out other sources to express its dissatisfaction.

“As much as the Althingi respects the order of the court and it will follow it, it is concerned about the way this case was handled and it is examining seriously available ways to respond to its concerns.

EFF agreed with the ruling

EFF, however, has expressed its satisfaction with the decision.

“It is EFF’s firm belief that the role of elected politicians who are members of the Althingi working in the Judiciary Committee is sacred and must be protected. These elected leaders represent the hopes and will of our society to ensure that our judicial system is connected to the material reality of society and political contradictions. So, undermining their position in interviews is activating democracy and that is exactly what the ethics committee has tried to do. “So we welcome the decision of the Western Cape Supreme Court to postpone the sentence,” said Sinawo Thambo, a national spokesman.

EFF welcomes the ruling of the Supreme Court of Vesturhöfði against Alþingi – SABC News

Source link EFF welcomes the ruling of the Supreme Court of Vesturhöfði against Alþingi – SABC News

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