Egypt sentences man to death over high-profile femicide

An Egyptian court on Tuesday sentenced a man to murdering a student after she denied his progress, a judicial source said, in a case that provoked widespread anger.

The court found defendant Mohamed Adel guilty of “premeditated murder” of university student Nayera Ashraf after he confessed to the crime in court, according to the source.

The verdict, handed down in Mansoura north of Cairo two days after the trial opened on Sunday, will now be transmitted to the grand mufti, Egypt’s chief theological authority – a formality in the death penalty cases.

A video that went viral appeared to be Ashraf being stabbed outside his university earlier this month.

Adel had “repeatedly stabbed her” according to the prosecution, which found “messages threatening to cut her throat” on the victim’s phone.

Ashraf had reported his fears of an attack to authorities, according to his father and witnesses.

The verdict met with a celebration in front of the courthouse in Mansoura, videos published by local media showed.

The crime provoked widespread anger in Egypt and beyond, followed by the shooting of a similar camp in Jordan a few days later.

Jordanian police on Monday said the man suspected of murdering student Iman Irshaid was “shot” after refusing to turn himself in.

Social media users have compared the two scenarios, which has reduced femicide incidents in the Arab world.

Some called for the crimes to be sentenced to death, while others said men had to “learn not to respond”.

Egypt made the third highest death toll in the world in 2021, according to Amnesty International.

Nearly 8 million Egyptian women were victims of violence perpetrated by their partners or loved ones, or strangers in public spaces, according to a 2015 United Nations survey.

Egypt sentences man to death over high-profile femicide Source link Egypt sentences man to death over high-profile femicide

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