Egyptian geese rescued from KZN’s cell tower

Based in KwaZulu-Natal, the Kloofand Highway SPCA rescued Egyptian geese from the cell tower in so-called “amazing stunts.” This was by no means a small feat.

Save Egyptian geese from the cell tower

The rescue, which took four hours, saw the team ask for help relief A bird that was clearly suffering.

After receiving a call from a woman named Devi, the Kloof and Highway SPCA investigated the location of the geese when they were seen on the cell phone tower.

“When field officer Eric Shimamane arrived, he could hear the suffering bird stuck all the way to the top of the tower and knew it couldn’t release himself. “SPCA said on Facebook.

“Eric called various numbers on the cell phone tower, but couldn’t ask anyone for help. In the face of mammoth rescue, how we reach the Egyptian geese I didn’t understand. “

Croof and Highway SPCA

Fortunately, they received a call from Rescuetech Search and Rescue asking if they could help.

“After Rescue Tech arrived and was called by team leader Daniel, someone could unlock the tower and start the rescue.”

Three rescue workers climbed into the tower and eventually lifted the smallest member of the team up to rescue the goose.

“Four hours in the dark and rain, the Egyptian geese (exhausted and slightly injured in the struggle) were safely unloaded and taken to the Crew and Highway SPCA Clinic for overnight treatment.

Goose continues treatment before it is finally released.

You can watch a video of bird rescue here:

About Egyptian geese

It is said that Egyptian goose A member of the Anatidae of ducks, geese and swans. It is native to Africa south of the Sahara and Nile valleys. Egyptian geese were considered sacred by the ancient Egyptians and appeared in many of their works of art.

Egyptian geese rescued from KZN’s cell tower

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