Electing leadership based on slate is a challenging ANC challenge: Analyst – SABC News

Dr Lubna Nadvi, a political analyst at KwaZulu-Natal University, said it will always be difficult for the African National Congress (ANC) to build party unity if parties continue to elect leadership based on candidates.

This is because the party continues to hold regional conventions in preparation for the provincial and national conventions scheduled for December.

Dr. Nadvi said there is a new tendency for parties in leadership elections where one winner takes everything.

“They basically shouldn’t use the slate system. Because this is part of the problem. Building unity requires trying to find candidates whom the majority of members respect. But what we see sees sectarianism and division because of sectarianism and slate. Clearly, over the past few years we have seen how sectarianism has divided the ANC and they need to move away from it. People are trying to protect their interests.”

step back rule

The ANC’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has decided to implement a resolution ordering lawmakers accused of corruption to step down from all government and party posts.

The ANC’s National Working Committee has clarified the confusion about the ANC’s phasing out policy scope.

They met at a special weekend session. The NEC meeting was held in preparation for the party’s 55th National Policy Congress to be held in late July and December 2022, respectively.

ANC spokeswoman Pule Mabe said members affected by the phased policy will not be able to sit down during each investigation.

“We have been commissioned to do this at the 54th Congress as part of restoring the credibility and integrity of the African National Congress. “The NEC pondered last night until almost midnight and came to the conclusion that our executives must not back down.”

Mabe says elected lawmakers affected by the policy should step down, but that doesn’t mean they’re at fault.

“They remain elected because they would have advised the organization to step down from their current position, but their tenure status means they will not be able to attend meetings of local or local executive committees depending on the structure in which they serve. You have a hard time alone.”

Dlamini in front of the Integrity Committee

The NEC also recommended that Bathabile Dlamini, president of the disbanded ANC Women’s Federation, appear before the party’s Integrity Committee.

Former Social Development Minister Delamini was found guilty of perjury last month by the Johannesburg Magistrates’ Court.

She lied under the oath while investigating her role in the 2018 SASSA subsidy issue.

Electing leadership based on slate is a challenging ANC challenge: Analyst – SABC News

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