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Election 2021: Come get your free electricity, PA tells residents of Sardanha Bay

Candidate for the Patriotic Alliance Mayor of Sardanha Bay Sammy Classen.

  • Patriotic AllianceSammy Klassen, a candidate for Mayor of (PA) Cerdanya Bay, released a party manifesto over the weekend.
  • Classen has made some bold promises, including eliminating the high tariffs paid by residents.
  • DA won a majority of parliamentary seats in the 2016 city elections.

Sammy Klassen, a candidate for Mayor of the Bay of Sardanha of the Patriotic Alliance (PA), has promised to cancel local bonds of households and businesses and to eliminate affordable tariffs paid by residents.

Classen spoke at the PA manifesto announcement at the Uniface Church in Fredenberg over the weekend.

“This manifesto speaks to the current bread and butter problems of the people of Saldanha Bay. It is the impact of Covid-19 on the local economy, employment security and financial difficulties of many people, workers and businesses. I tried to respond to the waves, “he said.

Classen promised to lift the moratorium on the sale of city land for the construction of the church and said it would provide residents with 50 units of electricity and 6 kiloliters of water free of charge.

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“”[We will] Eliminate credit management and poverty policies and affordable tariffs that have adversely affected so many households and businesses.

“There are no more lawyer letters or auctions that could cause people to lose property or furniture. Immediately cancel all local government delinquency in households and businesses,” Klassen emphasized.

He told the inhabitants: [come fetch your 50 free units of electricity]”.

Housing shortages, high water and electricity prices, and municipal “unjustified subsidy conditions” are some of the concerns that residents have raised over the years.

In the 2016 city elections, DA won a majority of 17 parliamentary seats.

“All bids must go to the local company. We will develop a Sardanha Bay First policy to ensure that the local company has the highest priority and business opportunities,” said Krassen, a former ANC member. rice field.

He added a manifesto that spoke of the spiritual need of the Church as an important partner of PA.

“We are also trying to offer new sporting opportunities where youth economy and development play an important role.”

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Election 2021: Come get your free electricity, PA tells residents of Sardanha Bay

Source link Election 2021: Come get your free electricity, PA tells residents of Sardanha Bay

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