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The transformation plan of the local mobile operator MTN store has raised some concerns among employees and the union. The mobile phone operator started the program two years ago to sell a controlling stake in some of its retail stores, mostly to black female entrepreneurs.

However, some employees working in these stores claim that the changes in ownership affect their original terms of employment. They want MTN to tackle the problem.

MTN says its transformation program does not involve layoffs. It indicates that the stores involve employees in accordance with section 197.

“We really wanted to change the landscape of MTN branded store ownership in South Africa. So we looked and we wanted to lead the kind and BEE transformation starting to sell around 100 of our own stores. It’s really a BEE and gender transformation and shouldn’t lead to job losses, which is why we are actually very detailed when selecting who we sell our stores to because we want to ensure store continuity. as well as the company. In fact, we provide them with operational support to make sure there are no job losses, ”says Maria Van Niekerk, Managing Director of MTN for Branded Retail Channel.

However, some former MTN employees claim that the mobile service provider is not transparent in its transactions.

“I worked for MTN for over 10 years and our store was bought but the new employer’s terms and benefits were not achievable so I chose to stay home rather than work in adverse conditions .

According to the Labor Relations Act, section 197 is the transfer of part or all of the business to another employer. It specifies that unless otherwise agreed under the terms of article 197 paragraph 6, the new employer automatically replaces the former employer for all employment contracts existing immediately before the date of the transfer.

The Communications Workers Union said it will meet with the NEC to discuss MTN issues, among others, next week.

CWU President Clyde Marvin said: “There are a number of issues and factors that we will be discussing with our NEC as they have serious implications for our members and as an organization we will respond once we will get out of our NEC. . “

MTN says transforming its stores isn’t about downsizing stores or cutting jobs. The group claims to have transferred 68 stores to date and sold 102 stores.

MTN is confident that its store transformation process will experience significant growth over the next two years.

Employees and union concerned about MTN’s transformation plan for its stores – SABC News

Source link Employees and union concerned about MTN’s transformation plan for its stores – SABC News

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