Energy activist slams R1bn wasted at Koeberg power plant

Energy activist Peter Bekker criticized the costly and expanded maintenance of the Koeberg power station.

Talking to CapeTalk, Bekker was critical of the work that Koeberg is doing because he is contributing to South Africa’s woes lose burdens. It is also too expensive considering that the Koeberg plant could stop in two years.

Unit 2 Koeberg was taken offline in January for maintenance to replace three steam generators in the restricted building. Bekker, however, claims that maintenance did not occur.

“Over the past seven months we have experienced one more step of the burden loss due to incompetence of some kind at the Koeberg plant,” said Peter Bekker, an activist at the Convention Center. Koeberg Alerts Alliance.

Koeberg Unit 2 offline

Bekker also said the unit needed to go offline for refueling, but that it should only take five weeks.

“When the French Framatome team came to do the work, they found that the preparations were not complete. A building containing the old radioactive steam generators was not complete, ”said Bekker.

Bekker, however, claims that the work was allowed by the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR) to proceed. Eskom then called on Framatome to come to South Africa.

“But when they arrived, they refused because it was not safe to continue. According to NUM, they left an Eskom invoice of R1 billion for wasting their time. ”

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Bekker is a former board member at the NNR. He was suspended in January.

“It simply came to our notice then. What could R1 billion have done? It was an insignificant expense that achieved nothing. It was a punishment that was of no benefit to the country. And when Eskymus wastes money, you know who pays for that, ”he said.

Loaded shouting

With South Africa currently pushing for the burden loss, Bekker said it’s a terrible thing to take Koeberg’s units offline at the moment.

He said South Africa is experiencing an additional phase of load shedding and the unit is offline.

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Bekker also questioned why the renovation took place when the plant is due to close in 2024.

“Eskom is spending this money before it gets permission from the NNR to extend its lifespan. The GNR may say no and all this money is wasted, ”he said.

Renewable energy

The Koeberg Bekker Alert Alliance is one of the numerous civil society organizations that earlier this week finally gave Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe an end to the introduction of renewable energy into the South African grid.

They said this will reduce the severity of the burden loss.

The organizations are demanding that wind and solar energy systems be built and connected to the country’s electricity grid.

“The most urgent thing is to install wind and photovoltaic (PV) energy into the system as quickly as possible,” said Hilton Trollip, a research fellow at the University of Cape Town (UCT) Global Risk Governance Program (UCT).

The organizations criticized Mantashe for not unlocking the country’s renewable energy, as stated in the government’s integrated resource plan (IRP) in 2019.

Energy activist slams R1bn wasted at Koeberg power plant Source link Energy activist slams R1bn wasted at Koeberg power plant

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