England vs New Zealand: “Edbaston doubles like the world’s largest stag”

Absence pampers the mind.

In the case of England, the first test with Lord’s Cricket New Zealand was attended by 6,500 fans daily, implying that romance had rekindled. A sudden message from a former lover that you thought you had forgotten.

The 18,000 people in Edgbaston on the start of the second test were reunited as seen in the airport’s arrival lounge. Bear hugs, kisses, taps on the back.

Emotions were generated by a year of isolation caused by a coronavirus pandemic and were added in the week when Britain was in controversy. The prime minister stepped in.

Prior to the pandemic, playing in Jerusalem was part of the morning routine, signaling that it was ready rather than actively participating.

In Birmingham, it wasn’t the need for England’s Rory Burns and Dom Sibley to open the batting with tears in their eyes, as it was a call to the belted arms to the tingling effect of the spine. I was impressed.

The “moment of unity” against discrimination was heart-wrenching and reminiscent of the broader struggles and difficulties of the past few days.

Since then, it’s been a party, but I had to show a text or email proving that Covid tested negative before entering.

The Hollies stand was in the evening shape for the first hour. As the Burns Edge passed through the slip, it cheered like Ian Bell’s cover drive. When Sibley painted his jumper, he reminded me of the trench trench he dug on the road, and when he made a hole in the middle, there was a standing ovation.

The fact that children under the age of 16 were not allowed at government pilot events freed many adults from responsibility, and going around the ground was like being sucked into the world’s largest stag.

The beer could be ordered through the app, but one check suggested waiting at least 50 minutes. There was a line in the bar as if the water had arrived due to the drought.

Of course, there was also a costume. Banana, 118 Runner, Joe Exotic. The coronavirus was chased by a needle, and a Gareth Southgate look-alike led the song.

Gareth Southgate times out before England’s Euro 2020 campaign begins

It’s the best hit album of Barmy Army’s songbook, and a cover version has been released. After that, many people begged to stay here without going to work after going out to play. Was.

Beer Snake stretched from the bottom to the top of the Hollies and paraded like a loot.

A man confiscated his shoes by Steward, Will Young of New Zealand was laughed at by Gareth Gates’ song, and Neil Wagner’s name was close to rude and was chanted many times.

Edgbaston Beer Snake
When a banana meets a beer snake

The crowd needed English heroes, but it was difficult to find them.

Hometown boy Sibley flickered before turning around. Not only a captain Spokesperson for social issues I did the same thing recently.

Zack Crawley, Olly Pope and James Bracey gave little chance and each competed for the most horrifying strokes.

Burns was the first to stand up. Crouching in the shape of an “S” and turning his back to his square legs, he played off-drive very handsomely and was able to take him home to meet his parents.

Dan Lawrence took over and never fidgeted his box. He found a companion who would be happy to cooperate with Olly Stone and Mark Wood, ensuring that Edgbaston’s faith was rewarded.

Hollies sang for Olly Robinson when Lawrence was feeling herself. At least three times I heard the name of the interrupted English sailor.

It reminded me that the problems that cricket faced in the past week are part of a broader debate that is polarizing society.

While football is coping Audience booing England players Kneeling, Cricket sees support for players facing a survey of historic racist and sexist tweets.

It’s not saying Robinson should be banished-some think Rose deserves sympathy for what happened at Lord’s Cricket.

But it was repeating that British games faced great challenges in the territory of division, not only for Robinson, but also for other English players. Use of historic social media Has been emphasized, and allegations of racial discrimination that have occurred in the last 12 months have been filed.

In that sense, not everything goes well with a day’s party at Edgbaston. England’s victory cannot answer the daunting question of approaching the horizon.

But for now, and for the upcoming weekend, this was a brilliant and light bailout.

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England vs New Zealand: “Edbaston doubles like the world’s largest stag”

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