English schools are facing stricter mask rules in government plans to reassure parents.Coronavirus

Prior to reopening next month, the government is planning a public relations campaign to increase parents’ confidence in school safety, so when students return to their classrooms in the UK, there will be rules governing the wearing of masks at school. It will be strengthened.

Speculation about when and how school will be reopened to all students has revealed that masks are required outside the bubbles of junior high school classrooms where social distance is not possible. Previously it was at the discretion of the principal..

The government has also fixed expectations for the heavy use of repeated lateral flow tests to control outbreaks of the virus in schools. After the student is blocked, the first three tests are done at school before switching to the home test.

The Ministry of Education (DfE) is planning a school announcement next week as the government is pressing to bring children back into class. Starting with Boris Johnson’s roadmap from the blockade announcement on Monday, details on how the school will reopen on March 8 are given. , Catch-up, next summer assessment, and Covid test details follow.

No 10 aims to allow all UK students to return to school from March 8th, but the government will not finalize that decision until Friday at the earliest. The school is cautiously insisting on restarting from that day, not that day. The final decision on A-level and GCSE will be announced on Thursday.

DfE is also planning a PR campaign starting February 27 to “build parental confidence in school safety.” The campaign runs for two weeks to prepare students and their families for a wider reopening. Currently, only major workers and children of vulnerable students attend school.

School leaders will hold a crunch talk at DfE on Thursday. It urges the minister to stagger the reopening of schools and avoid the “Big Bang” return of returning 10 million students and staff to the classroom on the same day.

Johnson is said to support the return of “Big Bang”, but unions and head teachers mobilize nearly one-fifth of the total population to return to school on the same day, a “disaster” with an increase in infectious diseases. It warns that it may end in. They urge him to “step very carefully” and resume in stages, following the examples of Scotland and Wales, initially prioritizing primary and elementary schools, and prioritizing the exam year in middle school.

As more students return, school leaders ask students over the age of 14 for Lotus. Half of the students at school take face-to-face lessons and the rest study away from home to create more space and reduce social distance. The union also wants school staff to become a vaccination priority in order to keep schools open.

Jeff Burton, Secretary-General of the School and University Leaders Association, said: “Everyone wants to get all their children back to school as soon as possible, but it’s important that a full reopening of school doesn’t cause another surge. With infection rates and another blockade, it’s a disaster. Because it becomes.

“It’s important to remember that a full reopening of school will result in nearly 10 million students and staff. This is far less than one-fifth of the UK population. Is not only mixed at school, but can also increase the risk of going to and from school and outside the school gate. “

The step-by-step approach allows for closer monitoring as attendance increases and can brake any signs of increased infection. “It will also make the task of group testing for secondary school students returning home safer and easier to manage,” Burton said.

Mary Bousted, co-secretary of the National Education Union, said: “A step-by-step approach is very important. The youngest students come back first because it’s obviously difficult to learn remotely.

“The big problem with the’Big Bang’where all students return to the one-go approach is that they don’t have the opportunity to monitor the impact of school reopening on R. [virus reproduction] About rates and community infections. The last thing students and parents need is another period when the school is completely closed. Therefore, it is very important that Boris Johnson relies on scientific advice and does this correctly. “

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education said: “The Prime Minister plans to reopen the school on February 22, and students are expected to return on March 8. school It remains open to vulnerable children and children of critical workers, but should be done if critical workers can work from home and take care of their children at the same time. “

English schools are facing stricter mask rules in government plans to reassure parents.Coronavirus

Source link English schools are facing stricter mask rules in government plans to reassure parents.Coronavirus

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