EPA Begins Application for $5 Billion Clean School Bus Program

EPA is officially accepting applications. Clean School Bus Program$5 billion program Replacing Dirty Diesel School Buses with Greener Options. Ars Technica Report: Specifically, the EPA is aiming to replace older (model year 2010 or older) diesel powered school buses, which must be scrapped to buy and replace clean buses. Oh, and the old bus should be fully functional. This is not a way to get governments to pay to replace broken trash with shiny new buses. However, the agency says it will also accept applications from schools looking for zero. – Emission gas buses ready to dispose of old non-diesel school buses and newer internal combustion buses (which must be sold, discarded or donated).

However, the EPA does not require all replacement buses to be made electric. The program pays for a battery electric bus like the Thomas C2 Jouley delivered to a school in Alexandria County, Virginia on Friday to commemorate the start of the program, but with propane or compressed natural gas model year 2021 or newer and a minimum of 5, among other requirements. I will serve the District for one year.

EPA will consider applications to replace up to 25 buses at a time and has allocated an additional $250 million for zero-emission buses in 2022, $250 million for clean school buses, and an additional $4.5 billion for 2023-2028 . Rebates range from $375,000 for zero-emission Class 7 or Class 8 buses to $25,000 for small propane buses (Class 3-6). The application process is open until August 19th, and successful applicants must inform them that it is time to order a new bus in October.

EPA Begins Application for $5 Billion Clean School Bus Program

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