Eskom complains of ongoing damage to infrastructure – SABC News

Eskom in Gauteng has expressed concern over ongoing costs for repairing mini-substations and transformers due to failed electrical equipment during rolling blackouts.

It says the network congestion can be attributed to illegal connections and infrastructure vandalism, among others.

Eskom senior manager for maintenance and operations in Gauteng Mashangu Xivambu says: “It costs a fortune to repair faulty equipment. But most of our equipment faults are attributed to misuse of the infrastructure where our networks are overloaded.

“So far we have managed to replace 116 of 2,314 transformers that failed. We have also managed to replace 1,326. But I think the question we have to ask is how do we ensure that those that are operational do not add to the number of those units that have failed, ”Xivambu adds.

The audio below is the full interview with Eskom’s Mashangu Xivambu:

The warring energy company has also expressed concern about an increase in illegal electricity connections during rolling blackouts.

It says the equipment in mini-substations and transformers fall out because the network is overloaded.

“At the moment we have load shedding, we have those who are taking advantage of the situation to connect them to the network. Sometimes it does contribute to situations where we are currently returning the offer to customers. want to restore, which can not.Because the network has been tampered with as communities try to connect themselves illegally.

“It simply came to our notice then. Because if we return delivery to load shedding, the network will travel and customers – after they have gone through the pain of load shedding – we will have to identify what is wrong and repair it before we can restore delivery, “Xivambu explains .

The video below reports that power outages of stages 4 and 5 will continue today:

Eskom complains of ongoing damage to infrastructure – SABC News

Source link Eskom complains of ongoing damage to infrastructure – SABC News

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