Eskom is bludgeoning business to death, says councillor in note

A nutrition ward counselor in Ekurhuleni noted Eskimo Andre de Ruyter’s chief executive at Megawatt Park.

In the handwritten note, drafted during the loss of load by torch light, DA advisor Simon Lapping pleaded with the power utility manager under siege to take further, faster action. Lapping said companies are a damaged ward due to the burden loss.

Lapping ward covers large parts of the industrial areas of Isando and Jet Park.

In his letter, the councilor asked Eskom to leave the industry alone: ​​“I urge you to rethink the burden – taking in our industrial areas. Job losses are creating enormous hardship. The current situation is unsustainable. I can’t stop the daily requests for food from people who have lost their jobs. ”

Business is fighting to keep the economy afloat, he lamented, and said that a sustained burden spill will have a huge human cost.

He said: “To put it bluntly, no electricity equals no jobs and no production equals hunger and a failed country.”

Simon Lapping’s full handwritten letter to Eskom manager Andre de Ruyter.

He suggested that, for a period of time, families may have to bear the burden of burden loss, with extra hours in the dark, in order to save the economy.

He wrote: “I understand that leaving industrial areas off the shed schedule would probably mean extra hours of loading in residential areas and this could be a major family sacrifice, but I urge you to rethink the schedules. load losses in. to eliminate the burden loss for the industrial sectors so that we can keep the engine of the industry and our economy afloat. ”

Lapping addressed what he thought was an unsustainable situation for Eskom’s leadership: “I understand that you and your board of directors have been poisoned and you probably have sleepless nights on how to solve Eskom.”

He called load shedding pandemic: “I understand that you and your board of directors have been given a poison chalice and you will probably have sleepless nights on how to repair Eskom.”

He said: “I have seen many businesses crash and ignite because of the horrific measures taken during the Covid Pandemic that wreaked havoc on its path. I now see a new pandemic called Burden Loss or “Blackouts” and it is just as destructive as its predecessor. At present, the industry is seeking recovery from the first non – man – made pandemic. Second, The loss of burden is man-made. ”

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The loss of burden has been a constant companion for South Africans and despite two new power stations, which have been challenged and disrupted, the country remains in the dark. Eskom’s daily load – loss announcements are in line with the course and rumors are rumored that rumors of over a hundred days of load – bearing may come true.

So he felt compelled to draft and deliver the letter in person: “I had to do this, even if it was only symbolic, as I suspect the receptionist would have despised the letter. Eskom is putting business to death. And you can’t swallow a dead horse. “

Eskom is bludgeoning business to death, says councillor in note Source link Eskom is bludgeoning business to death, says councillor in note

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