Eswatini police shoot protesters during clash

During the protest, a barricade on a burning road can be seen in Eswatini’s Mbabane.

Police shot a man who died during a clash with a group of commuter bus operators protesting political reforms in the small kingdom of Eswatini on Wednesday, AFP correspondents witnessed.

This is the latest protest in Africa’s last absolute monarchy (formerly known as Swaziland), where school students boycotted classes for the past month, gave modest demonstrations, soldiers and police. Prompted the deployment of.

According to police, the clash on Wednesday occurred in the small town of Markarns, 20 kilometers west of Manzini, the country’s largest city.

Police Commissioner General William Tsintsibala Dlamini said:

A man was shot dead in Markerns after a group of protesters stopped a truck carrying sand and used it to (a) block the road.

“The officers brought guns and tried to reason with them, but they retaliated by throwing stones at them, when one of them was shot dead,” he told reporters. ..

Several people were also injured.

Private commuter bus operators were pulling their cars off the road for demonstrations.

Protests across Ezwatini have primarily called for the release of two lawmakers arrested during the anti-democratic movement earlier this year.

Civil society and opposition groups demonstrated in June in the largest cities of Manzini and Mbabane, looting shops and commercial real estate.

At least 27 people were killed as police clashed with protesters in some of the worst fears in the history of a country in southern Africa.

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Eswatini police shoot protesters during clash

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