Ethiopia denies evacuation of Tigrayan troops from Afar – SABC News

Ethiopian government On Thursday, a spokesman for the Tigrayan army said rebel forces were still in neighboring Afar, despite an announcement of a withdrawal a few days earlier.

Government spokeswoman Regese Tulu told state media that the news that Tigrayan’s troops had left Afar was “a big lie”.

Afar Police Chief Ahmed Harif told Reuters on Thursday that Tigray forces were still in the four districts bordering Tigray (Koneva, Avala, Verhalle and Magale) and had not moved since Monday.

Getachew Reda, spokesman for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the party that controls Tigray, did not respond to a request for comment. On Monday he told Reuters that Tigrayan troops were leaving Afar.

Tigrayan forces have said they are withdrawing to allow humanitarian convoys to enter. Since the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops at the end of June, only a drop of relief has made the famine-stricken Tigray region in need of food aid with more than 90% of the population.

The United Nations condemned government bureaucracy and the struggle against convoy interception.

The Tigrayan forces have been fighting the central government since November 2020, when conflicts arose between the two sides. Tigrayan leaders accuse Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of wanting to centralize power at the expense of the region. He accuses them of trying to reclaim the power he lost when he was appointed in 2018.

On March 25, the federal government unilaterally announced a ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid.

Tigrayan’s forces have agreed to respect the ceasefire provided that sufficient assistance is provided to the region “within a reasonable time”.

According to the United Nations World Food Programme, 145 trucks have arrived in Tigray since the ceasefire was declared. The United Nations says it needs at least 100 per day.

Ethiopia denies evacuation of Tigrayan troops from Afar – SABC News

Source link Ethiopia denies evacuation of Tigrayan troops from Afar – SABC News

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