EU splits fertilizer plants in poorer nations – food crisis – SABC News

The European Union is divided on how to help poorer nations fight growing food crisis and address the shortage of fertilizers caused by the war in Ukraine, as some fear that a plan to invest in plants in Africa would run counter to the EU’s green goals.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led to a global food crisis and fears of a worsening of Ukraine’s grain exports and rising fertilizer prices, of which Russia and Belarus are major producers.

For weeks, the EU has been trying to help its poorer neighbors in Africa and the Middle East cope with the crisis by offering them new funds while trying to convince them that EU sanctions against Moscow and Minsk are not to blame for the food crisis.

At a summit of EU leaders later this week, the EU was planning a new initiative that would systematically reduce the confidence of poorer nations in Russian fertilizers by helping them develop their own fertilizer factories.

But at a meeting with EU envoys last week, the European Commission directly opposed the text, warning that support for fertilizer production in developing countries was inconsistent with EU energy and environmental policies, officials said.

The production of chemical fertilizers has a great impact on the environment and requires a lot of energy. However, they are very effective in increasing agricultural production.

Draft results of the summit 23.-24. June, which Reuters has seen, urges the European Commission to formulate a plan “to support the development of fertilizer production capacity and options in developing countries”.

The text, dated June 15 and prepared by aides to Charles Michel, president of the European Council, will be discussed and probably revised at a meeting of EU ambassadors late Monday, officials said.

The commission urged the government to change the text and refer only to a plan to promote alternatives to fertilizers or more efficient use of fertilizers, officials said. The committee did not immediately comment on the matter.

EU splits fertilizer plants in poorer nations – food crisis – SABC News

Source link EU splits fertilizer plants in poorer nations – food crisis – SABC News

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