EURO 2020: Uefa worries hearing in Wembley final

Police standing in front of English fans in Wembley during the Euro 2020 final

The Football Association will know if England needs to play home games in a closed room as a result of anxiety at Wembley Stadium in the European Championship finals.

Uefa will hold a disciplinary action on Monday, and the verdict may be announced within 24 hours of the end of the referee.

Fans fought stewards and police as they attempted to invade Wembley for the July 11 event.

England lost to Italy In the final.

UEFA of the European Football Federation has begun disciplinary action for security breaches two days after the match was played.

English FA has set up an independent review A week later, he said he decided to “never repeat” the “shameful scene” that hurt the Euro 2020 final.

Hundreds of fans entered Wembley for showpieces without a ticket after the stadium area was full hours before the night kick-off.

Many even sat in areas reserved for the player’s relatives.

Uefa may focus on whether FA’s game security measures were in place.

Hearing news continues Uncontrollable scene at Wembley in World Cup qualifying with Hungary on Tuesday, I saw visiting supporters clash with stewards and police in the opening minutes.

Fifa, the world’s football governing body, has launched a match and a disciplinary action between Albania and Poland. This was also stopped for 20 minutes because something was thrown at the visiting Polish athlete.

“Following the analysis of the match report, Fifa has begun disciplinary action in connection with yesterday’s England-Hungary and Albania-Poland match,” Fifa said in a statement.

“Once again, I would like to say that Fifa’s position to strongly condemn the case in both games and to reject all forms of violence and all forms of discrimination and abuse is solid and decisive. Fifa is very clear. Such an abominable behavior in football with a zero-tolerance stance. “

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EURO 2020: Uefa worries hearing in Wembley final

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