Europe’s largest nuclear power plant explodes in Ukraine war

For several months, international experts have been huge nuclear power plant On the banks of the Dnipro River in southern Ukraine,” CNN reported.

“Then on Friday An explosion occurred at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.We are rekindling fears of a potential disaster on the largest scale in Europe.”
Moscow and Kyiv accused each other of shelling out the village of Enerhodar, home to a factory and complex acquired by the Russian army in early March. CNN could not confirm the damage claims by the factory, which occupies a large site. Most of the recent Russian fires in the region occurred near power plants, and it’s not clear whether any part of the nuclear facility was accidentally hit…. The Russian Ministry of Defense added that one unit of the power plant’s generating capacity was reduced. , and power supply to the other cut….

When the first fierce battles took place around the facility in the early days of the war, it sparked fears of a nuclear accident and drew criticism from the international community. Russian military forces managers aim a gun After confiscating the power plant on March 5, according to Ukrainian nuclear officials. A week later, the Kremlin dispatched officials and technicians from the Russian State Atomic Energy Agency to help with repairs and maintenance of the facility. Since then, communication with the outside world has been intermittent, with Ukrainian and Russian staff working together.

Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear power plant operator Energoatom said on Friday that Russian shelling struck inside and outside the nuclear complex, damaged water intakes and cut off power and water for most of Enerhodar. “Three shots were recorded directly on the site of the base,” Ukrainian officials said.

Energoatom said on Saturday that the power plant is operational and Ukrainian staff at the station continue to work to ensure radiation safety. Ukrainian prosecutors have launched an investigation into the case.
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director on Tuesday warned that the plant was “totally out of control” and “violated all principles of nuclear safety…. What is at stake is extremely serious, extremely serious and dangerous“But other officials were more cautious, noting that recent nuclear facilities are designed to withstand terrorist attacks and natural disasters,” CNN said.

“Some Western and Ukrainian officials believe that Russia is currently using its massive nuclear facilities as fortresses to protect and attack its troops, assuming that Kyiv will not retaliate and will not take risks.”

Europe’s largest nuclear power plant explodes in Ukraine war

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