ExamsnapCompTIA A+ Certification: Reasons Why You Should Trust It to Help You Land Secure Job

It’s widespread knowledge that the CompTIA A+ is an entry-level certification. So, if you’re starting out your career in the technical arena, the knowledge linked to such a certificate and its affiliated exams coded CompTIA A+ Practice Testcould cause you to wonder if this basic designation is sufficient to procure a secure and engaging job for you. And to help alleviate your apprehensions, here are four reasons why you should trust the A+ to help you get a decent and well-paid position in the IT field:

  1. The A+ is a highly recognized endorsement among employers

If you are entirely new to the IT sector, you may not have heard of the CompTIA A+ certificate. However, your potential recruiters did. In fact, the A+ is probably the most well-known IT validation in the world, thanks to its entry-level focus and almost two-decade-long history. Even huge companies like Dell, Intel, HP, and Nissan look for the CompTIA A+ when hiring for technician roles such as an IT field service technician, IT support specialist, help desk technician, and so on. So, the point is that the A+ is preferred by recruiters as a reputable qualifying certification for entry-level IT roles. Therefore, by achieving such a qualification, you’ll become more appealing to many employers and thus, will manage to procure more job offers with high annual pay.

  1. The CompTIA A+ certification is a reliable alternative to job experience for judging skill level

No one doubts that finding IT hopefuls with actual on-the-job experience isn’t easy for employers. Thus, applicants need to validate their skills in some way, and in cases like this — when job experience is not available — certifications such as the A+ become a great way to verify one’s knowledge. By the way, to date, IT certificates are even more preferred to traditional educational programs such as the Bachelor’s degree. And this is partly because the CompTIA A+ certification validates a consistent set of skills necessary for a peculiar domain, whereas skills taught in Bachelor’s degrees vary across

  1. Earning the A+ signals your seriousness to an employer

As a standard hiring practice, employers don’t hire people as a specific solution to a problem. Quite opposite, employers want to know if their potential recruits can tackle a range of rapidly changing industry requirements. And when the A+ certification shows up on your resume, it suggests that you’re willing to do the extra work required to remain valuable at the workplace and continue to grow your career. This quality is priceless to any employer because it’s not something they should teach a recruit. Basically, the age-long management advice, “hire for attitude, train for skill,” works in your favor here.

  1. You save your recruiterfrom spending on training costs

As a rule, employers have to fork out money to train fresh hires and employees, and a significant percentage of these training costs go into validations. So, if you’ve already earned the A+ certification, that’s one less certificate that your employer has to pay for. And who doesn’t like to save money when possible?

Bottom Line

With all your concerns, the fact remains that the CompTIA A+ certification qualifies you for several entry-level IT jobs. So, consider your goals first, and if you’re a new entrant into the IT world, you may achieve this qualification as a strong foundation for establishing your new career. Also, if you’re looking to begin your professional path as an IT technician and then plot your next career move from there, then the A+ is an excellent option for you. Thus, if any of these examples describe you, waste no time, earn your qualification and kick start an exciting career in IT.

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