Experts closely monitoring healthcare professionals receiving J & J vaccine: Rees-SABC News

Experts carefully monitor South African health care workers who receive them Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, Especially those who may be infected with the coronavirus. This happens when another 80,000 doses of vaccine arrive in the country.

More than 63,000 healthcare workers have already been vaccinated After the first batch of vaccines arrived in the country two weeks ago.

The total number of COVID-19 infections in South Africa is 1512225, following 1447 new cases reported by the Ministry of Health on Saturday.

During the previous reporting period, there were an additional 157 COVID-19-related deaths in the country, with 49,941 deaths nationwide.

Currently, the recovery rate is 1 429 047, and the recovery rate is 94%.

The number of vaccines given to healthcare professionals is currently 67,303.

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Professor Helen Rees, chair of the Health Products Regulatory Authority, said the data are for J & J vaccines. South African coronavirus variants..

Reese says in light of this – the delivery of the second cargo is encouraging. “In the context of our variant, that’s about 64%. Not only was it highly effective against severe illness, but there was no death, so this is very encouraging. I was very worried that the vaccine we are looking at is not designed for SA-dominant mutants. I think this is encouraging and I think it’s encouraging to have antibodies after the second wave. We found that many people have it, and we have a very high percentage of innate immunity in different communities, so we have innate immunity and build it with vaccine immunity. To do.”

Discussion of J & J vaccine for 501Y.V2 variant:

COVID-19 variant

Professor Reese said negotiations between South African authorities and developers of other vaccines, including the Pfizer vaccine, are in the process of being advanced, and a new generation to address variants of the coronavirus as identified in South Africa. Explains that the vaccine can be changed quickly.

AstraZeneca vaccine

Country has Suspended deployment of vaccines developed by AstraZeneca and Oxford UniversityFollowing the release of data in a small clinical trial showing that It does not prevent mild to moderate illness caused by a new variant of the South African virus.

Mkhize states that his department will continue its Phase 1 vaccination program with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in place of AstraZeneca.

He states: “Maybe they expect to have the first batch and I’m not their spokesperson, but the impression that they say they’ll make the first batch around March for the purposes of the general public. Currently, you have to hold a fully manufactured inventory for about a month. “

Mkhize Procure AstraZeneca vaccine from India’s Serum Institute before new variants of coronavirus are detected in South Africa..

Sisonke J & J Vaccine Rollout Program, J & J Vaccine Rollout at SA by Professor Linda Gale Becker:

First vaccination milestone

The Ministry of Health states that it has reached the first vaccination milestone. In a statement, the ministry said the Sisungke program was deploying the coronavirus vaccine faster than expected, with 63,648 healthcare workers vaccinated so far.

Deployment is expected to gain momentum as a second batch of Johnson & Johnson vaccine arrives at OR Tambo International Airport in Eastland, Gauteng on Saturday.

According to the ministry, single-dose vaccines have proven to be more effective than previously expected, with a 64% efficacy rate against the first new mutant discovered in South Africa.

The Ministry of Health is aware of the challenges facing vaccine deployment, but says it is working to resolve them. This means that all healthcare professionals are encouraged to register with the jab through the government registration system. -Additional report by Khanyisile Manyoni

Experts closely monitoring healthcare professionals receiving J & J vaccine: Rees-SABC News

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