Fact-Finding: Will Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Get Divorced in 2022?

A lot has happened since then Will Smith Knocked out Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. Now fans are scared of the actor and his wife, Jada Pinkett SmithThey will get divorced.

The rumor comes from an old, now deleted account that was misunderstood.

The couple’s personal life has become a topic of discussion since the Oscars fiasco, and recent rumors are not the first in which they have dragged on.

However, it is important to get the facts before you believe or engage in speculation about a stellar couple relationship and marriage.

Rumors circulated about Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

Concerned fans tweeted whether the rumors about Will and Jada’s separation were true.

The rumors gained momentum after recent reports suggested they were seeking a divorce and how Jada would get a large portion of her husband’s estate if that were true.

However, the speculation is the result of incorrectly constructing a Heat Magazine article that is no longer available.

Let me explain why you should avoid these wild rumors.

The couple did not talk about divorce

Rumors of Will and Jada divorcing emerged from a now-deleted Heat Magazine story that has spread to many other publications, including MirrorWhich consists of an insider quote.

The quote reads: “After the Oscar scandal, tensions between them became apparent. There have been problems for years, but they are now almost non-existent. If they divorce, Will will have $ 350 million in assets, half of which would be in the hands of California under Jada.

First, the insider did not talk about the couple’s divorce. They just say, “that they got divorced”, they only talk about the possibility of that.

In addition, neither Will nor Jada addressed the rumors about the divorce, nor did they even point out the separation.

Therefore, there is no reason to believe these rumors.

HITC contacted Will and Jada for comment. But at the time of writing, we have not received a response.

Other rumors that surfaced after the Oscars

Several rumors surfaced in the days following the Oscar incident.

One of them claimed that the actor had been arrested and charged. However, no legal action was taken against Will because Chris Rock refused to file a complaint.

Police told Deadline: “The person involved refused to submit a police report. If the party involved wants a police report later, the LAPD will be available to complete the investigative report. ”

Another suggestion was that Chris was wearing a cheek diaper and a kick was staged on stage.

But Reuters explained in its story that the viral image used by some to claim that Chris was wearing cheekbones was actually “altered”.

Fact-Finding: Will Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Get Divorced in 2022?

Source link Fact-Finding: Will Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Get Divorced in 2022?

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