Faith XLVII is the first woman to design Hennessy murals and will be the only woman in South Africa

Along Tobire Majibuko April 29, 2021

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South African artist Faith XLVII (pronounced Faith 47) is the first female and only South African artist to appear in the Hennessy Berry Special Limited Edition series.

At a recent launch at Brahm Fontaine, she unveiled a mural that accompanies the bottle, unveiled in 2020.

“Salute a woman in Johannesburg with a new mural. A woman who has to navigate this wonderful city with vibrant culture and bustling streets. Who has to make a living, focusing on dreams and abilities Often supporting others. A person who copes with the constant struggle to stay safe while striving for liberation and independence. This woman is Johannesburg and my hero in this wonderful land. ” She said.

Gold dust by Face XLVII. Photo: Gareth Jacobs.

She added: “This land in Johannesburg is very strong. Not for the timid. It is a place to hold a deeply cultural reservoir. It has a clear edge. There is a soul here and every time I spend in this city. , Full of energy to understand life. Painting in Johannesburg is my sincere commitment to the inhabitants of Johannesburg. “

Faith, the first woman to appear in Hennessy’s artist collaboration series, said: “I started with graffiti. It was dominated by men. I think we all have to challenge the status quo. I have always enjoyed challenging the status quo.”

She goes on to say: “Public art is a part of reality, and I have always loved it because it affects people’s daily lives and changes our minds. We always add art and culture to the city. We strive to make people feel inspired, part of the city, engaged in public life and have personal involvement. “

Other artists who designed the brand’s bottles include Kaws (2011), Futura (2012) OS Gemeos (2013), Shepard Fairey (2014), Ryan Mcginnes (2015), Scott Campbell (2016), Jonone (2017) Vhils. (2018) is included. ) And Pantone (2019).

Khomotso Ledwaba, Hennessy SA Brand Manager, said: It was a privilege to work with her and think about the artistic synergies between both herself as an artist and us as a brand. It’s an important moment for us in our ongoing commitment to partnering with artists who are part of the global movement.

“We are proud to continue our partnership with this global talent. A South African companion who is better than Face XLVII, the embodiment of our Neverstop. Mural Trilogy. Never settle the brand philosophy to complete the work. “

After her faith returns for a while, she will host a solo exhibition at Everard Read Gallery in Cape Town on May 5th.

“This exhibition is called a” chant “. It was scheduled for early April last year, but it had to be suspended due to the blockade, but it has finally come true. It is based on this idea of ​​event momentum, including natural disasters, political crises, infrastructure issues, and personal issues. Like everything we individuals have to deal with, it’s like an event, we handle it at the individual level and still maintain it, “she said.

Faith XLVII holds exhibitions in Miami, New York City, London and Johannesburg and uses art to address human rights, mental endurance and social issues.

Faith XLVII is the first woman to design Hennessy murals and will be the only woman in South Africa

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