Family plans to use eNyobeni victim’s funeral to raise awareness of drug dangers, alcohol consumption – SABC News

One of the 21 victims of the eNyobeni Tavern tragedy, Sinothando Mgangala, will be buried in a special service designed to spread awareness of the risks associated with drug and alcohol addiction.

Her aunt says her death will serve other young people lightly. She claims that her niece was a good and polite person. Mgangala, who was enrolled in 11th grade, had turned 18 in August.

The eNyobeni tragedy follows a series of incidents that killed young people in the district, including the Dale College and the eNgqeleni disaster, which claimed the lives of several students. These tragedies have caused many questions but few answers have surfaced.

President Ramaphosa praises Enyobeni Tavern

Religious leaders and the Church are often called upon to provide guidance and comfort to the bereaved in such situations. Eastern Cape SACC President Canon Professor Lulama Ntshingwa says they will spend a week in August offering spiritual support to affected families.

Ntshingwa says the plan will include counseling for families and survivors of the tragedy. “In August, we will be here (Scenery Park) to meet the families to help with spiritual counseling for those affected and those who escaped this death.

Several funerals will be held over the weekend in different places around Austur-Höfði for some teenagers who died early on Sunday 25 June in eNyobeni Tavern. Families say they have received support from the government and various companies to help with funeral expenses.


Investigators are examining the evidence that led to the death. However, a has not been trampled on as a participant.

At the symbolic funeral on Wednesday, President Ramaphosa described the deaths as heartbreaking.

“Our hearts are broken. We have lost our children here. There are parents who will not be allowed to hug or kiss their son or daughter again. There are grandparents who will not be blessed to see their grandchild or grandchild grow up and have their own family. In the classrooms of our schools, where these children used to go, there are now empty chairs. In one night, here in Scenery Park, 21 bright lives were lost. “

“Alcohol abuse”

The National Liquor Traders’ Council (NLTC) says the owners of Enyobeni Tavern in Eastern Cape have failed to protect young people from alcohol consumption.

NTLC spokesman Lucky Ntimane explains: “As someone who was born in the village, as someone who understands that raising a child requires a village. I’m here to admit that pub owners have failed to fulfill their role as part of the village. We could have done more to prevent these deaths, Mr President. We are ready and willing to work with civil society and government so that we can make a positive contribution to our society. We can not have a situation where we mention 13 years and pub in one sentence. That should not be the case and that is the end of the day. “

Crushing excluded

Deaths from trampling on the eNyobeni tap have been ruled out, according to Eastern Cape Health.
The department is still waiting for the results of the laboratory tests from the additional tests because the clothes were also delivered.

The Deputy Director of Health, Dr Litha Matiwane, has again asked for patience from families during the tests.

“We are determined to communicate with the families involved, whenever and when we receive the results of the diagnostic laboratory. At the moment we have delivered SAPS clothes from the deceased where we are informed that they have been sent for further analysis to Cape Town. It is very important that we base our findings on evidence gathered from these findings. “-Additional reports left Risha Maduray

Family plans to use eNyobeni victim’s funeral to raise awareness of drug dangers, alcohol consumption – SABC News

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