Fans respond to Nadia Nakai’s new single ‘Nadia slaps, not a hat’

South African rapper and TV personality Nadia Nakai released a new single on Friday, and so far fans can’t get enough of it.

not the same The collaboration between Nadia and Lukasraps is traditional hip-hop flex with a residual hint of pop.

Warner Music The statement described the single as a “diss song” and added that the single is not mean or specifically targeted as Nakai insists that he is building and working in his own lane.

“Nadia and Lucas’ hyper-focus on flaunting their economic prowess is represented by the mechanisms of discrediting luxury brands and revealing the state of her bank balance. A track that expresses Nakai’s essence as something that cannot be replicated and certainly as something that cannot be compared, not the same It is Nadia’s confirmation that this lane is only hers,” the statement said.

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Commenting on his new single, Nakai said, “The track itself is about feeling yourself…talking your sh*t, basically saying that you don’t quit until the check is paid and that when you do, your presence is present.”

The musician, who for years was an artist on fellow rapper Cassper Nyovest’s record label Family Tree, has been working on his own label Bragga Records since last year.

talks to drum In January, Nakai said that it’s a normal trajectory for an artist to eventually get back on their feet and figure things out for themselves.

“I felt it was time to learn so much information while at Family Tree. I learned the whole business from the label and I can implement everything I learned,” he told the publication at the time.

Listen to Nadia Nakai’s new single not the same down:

Here are some reactions from social media about Nadia’s latest single:

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Fans respond to Nadia Nakai’s new single ‘Nadia slaps, not a hat’

Source link Fans respond to Nadia Nakai’s new single ‘Nadia slaps, not a hat’

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