Farmgate: Zizi Kodwa allegedly knew about robbery at Ramaphosa’s farm

Deputy State Security Minister Zizi Kodwa allegedly knew about the $ 4 million theft (approximately R63 million) in cash at President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Phala Phala game farm in Limpopo two years ago, according to City Press description.

The paper reports that Kodwa is among a list of government officials who apparently knew about the incident at Phala Phala, but chose to keep it a state secret.

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However, the Minister, who is a close friend of Ramaphosa, denied knowing about the robbery, saying the claims were “pure manufacturing”.

“This is pure manufacturing and a fishing trip; it is a desperation to feed non-fiction. Last night I went to Namibia where I was working [former president Jacob] Zuma. They are lying, ”Kodwa was quoted as saying.

‘Farm Gate’ scandal

According to City PressKodwa and Colonel E Edwards – police attaché at the U.S. High Commission in Windhoek, Namibia – in new information coming from Namibia that is being shared with South African investigators.

Former spy leader Arthur Fraser, earlier this month, set a criminal complaint with police against Ramaphosa for money laundering, kidnapping and corruption.

He claimed that the president was involved in elaborate coverage of the theft at his game farm in February 2020.

Fraser claimed that criminals, who were working in a cat with Ramaphosa’s domestic worker, broke into the property and stole the cash, but allegedly were subsequently bribed after their abduction.

Ramaphosa denied any crime on his part and says the crime was reported to the police.

‘Unoccupied ground meeting’

City Press Security insiders in Namibia have reportedly said Kodwa was involved in a number of talks between the US and their country. This was included during a meeting in a border territory belonging to either country in the Karas Region, known as land without men.

“He also quoted the Namibian government sources as Edwards, whose full name City Press It could not be established, as the first point of contact between Namibian police and their South African counterparts to establish a collaborative effort to detain suspects of the Ramaphosa robbery, including Namibian nationals, “the report said. .

Thandi Mbambo refused to be haunted by commenting on their ongoing investigation into the Phala Phala game farm theft when contacted for comments.

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Farmgate: Zizi Kodwa allegedly knew about robbery at Ramaphosa’s farm Source link Farmgate: Zizi Kodwa allegedly knew about robbery at Ramaphosa’s farm

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