Features of Huawei GT 2

The Huawei Watch GT 2 declaration was slightly neglected as it was a section of the event that foundered us the Mate 30 series. As matters open since the smartwatch acquired far wider accessibility, we chose to try out if it is a two-week battery life call that happens in the real world and what additional it has to offer. 

Huawei Watch GT 2 Specifications:

  • Body: 46mm: 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.7 mm, 41g weight 22mm strap; 42mm: resistance against water; 41.8 x 41.8 x 9.4 mm mm, 29g, 5 ATM chromium steel frame, ceramic back;
  • Memory: 4 GB storage ;
  • 2″ OLED, Resolution 390×390, 326 PPI;
  • OS: Operating System Huawei Lite;
  • Connectivity: 0 Bluetooth + BLE; GPS+GLONASS; NFC;
  • Display: 46mm: 1.39″ OLED, Resolution 454×454, 326 PPI; 42mm: ;
  • Battery: 46mm: 455mAh (14 days regular use); magnetized charging base

We also wore the Watch GT alongside it to see how much advancement you will be able to expect equated to its predecessor. And yeah, we did get unusual looks on several occasions. 

  • Design:

We bore the 46 mm edition, but there is a 42 mm edition for those who wish something less assertive on their wrist joint. The pattern of the Watch GT 2 is a careful come forward over the GT – the bezel is silky and inclines outwards without an additional edge. All the same, Huawei yet engraved it with what comes out to be a 24-hour scale (which it is not), and we had rough sledding finding out a practical reason.

There are two push buttons on the side, with the big top one dedicating you fast approach to the menu and the lowest one is programmable – you can set it up to bring up the activity tracker by an individual press. The 22-mm rubber straps are classic and easily exchangeable, and since we were auspicious sufficient to have an orange pair in the place from the first Watch GT, we could switch them to fit the outfit.

Huawei also proposes Classic or Elite variants with leather or steel straps for the people who choose a more elegant look. They even have unsmooth crowns rather than the plain-looking buttons on the Sport, so pick out wisely.


  • Battery Life:

The Huawei Watch GT 2 makes it with an in-house Kirin A1 chipset, which does marvels for the battery life. At the start, we could not think that a 455 mAh battery could hold up for fortnightly, so we chose to try it out.

The utilization involved 24 hours bearing with constant pulse rate enabled nap tracking and about one and a half to 2 hours per week of walking or running with the GPS on. 

  • User Interface:

The Huawei Watch GT 2 does not just state the time; it is acknowledged to be your regular assistant. All the same, we found out the user interface a little dull and empty of characteristics compared to other smartwatches.

Do not take us wrong – it has all the operative stuff covered – pulse rate sensor, action tracker, it counts stress levels and VO2Max, across a dozen sports actions with running classes for good assessment. But that’s essentially where it lasts. 

  • Huawei Health:

Huawei Watch GT 2 is the best physical fitness tracker. It tracks all the actions involve in a fitness tracking app. And so that allows the in-house application program as the software system to utilize when you wish a good read of the accumulated data. It is comfortable to work with and with a lot of visual cues. The wellness tab proposes a customizable home screen wherever the necessary stuff like pulse rate and drill records are accessible. Then there is a physical exercise tab that can begin an action in real-time, rather than irritating with the touch screen on the Watch GT 2 – be sure you are outdoors, so the GPS links up instantly. 


Huawei Watch GT 2 is a bang-up-looking smartwatch created to take you through the calendar week without bothering with charging up or over-complicated characteristics that might baffle you. It poses on the wrist joint, creates an impression, assesses everything that must evaluate, and adds your phone’s notifications to your wrist joint.


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