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Feel Good | Splash of Inspiration: Houtbay activists offer children free swimming, breakdancing and life skills lessons.

  • Jeffrey John Cars, a community activist at Houtbay, has provided 40 children with free educational programs and swimming lessons.
  • His co-founded NPO Harvest Youth Project officially closed the door for last year’s pandemic.
  • John Cars said that many of the children were dependent on food and activities, so there is “no way” to abandon them.

After community activists have opened their homes to teach underprivileged children freelife skills, breakdancing and swimming lessons, Houtbay’s 40 children are living their best lives.

Speaking to News24, 33-year-old Jeffrey John Cars said that providing “necessary services” to children in the community gave him great joy.

“Currently there is no specific place to teach children, so I open my house to children every day so that they can come and learn, have fun activities and then we can during the day. Go to the beach where I teach them to learn the basics of swimming, “he said.

Precy training qualification John Cars said he began to devote himself to children in the Hamburg area full-time after the nonprofit organization’s Harvest Youth project ended earlier last year.

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Founded by Helena Fagan, Peter Parker and Jonkers, the NPO has been doing what it can for eight years to help improve the livelihoods of people in disadvantaged areas.

“The NPO had no choice but to close the door because of the pandemic. We didn’t receive any donations and we stopped funding from our sponsors. A letter was issued to our staff earlier last year. We It’s really heartbreaking given that has been helping children and community members for a long time, “said Jonkers.

According to cheerful activists, he decided not to give up on his children and adventured himself with the help of those who could help what they could do with donations.

All children aged 7 to 16 participate in daily fun activities.

Swimming lessons at Hout Bay Harbor.

An area where children practice dancing.

Children preparing to go swimming lessons.


Swimming lessons with children.


Hout Bay Harbor is a place where children practice swimming every day.


Swimming lessons with children at Hout Bay Harbor.


After community activists open their homes to teach underprivileged children’s life skills, breakdancing and swimming lessons, Houtbay’s 40 children are living their best lives.


“School holidays decided to take them to Houtbay Harbor in a group format for swimming lessons instead of the usual educational discussions and activities. They didn’t enjoy it. They didn’t want to leave the water, “laughed John Cars.

“I didn’t even have the money to start a support system for these kids. I was humble and posted a video on social media asking for help. By the grace of God, many people We donated food and swimming equipment to reach out. Children’s clothing, ice cream. It was overwhelming and exciting, “Jonkers added.

John Cars, who has been unemployed for the past two years, says he is in a very vulnerable position for the children he works with.

“The school holidays helped us to build more ties. Instead of the usual educational discussions and activities, we decided to take a group swimming lesson at Houtbay Harbor. They are enjoying it. They didn’t enjoy it. I don’t want to leave the water, “John Cars said with a laugh.

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Temperatures in the Western Cape reached over 30 degrees Celsius, a great opportunity to teach children to swim.

“I started teaching my son to swim. I saw how scared he was of the water and realized how many children felt the same. So I gathered them together to see what would happen. I planned. It happens when we get to the sea, and these kids are very happy underwater, they absolutely enjoy it, “he added.

After daily swimming and school education, children eat hot meals and return to their families.

“Many of these children do not have a family to go home. Some of their parents are taking drugs, while others have a family that does not promote their child’s well-being.” Said John Cars.

He said he now has two children living with his family because they don’t have the parental support they need.

“Currently, I have two kids living with my family. Both start high school on Monday. I can’t say how excited they are. They are enthusiastic about when school will start. I will continue to ask. “

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Some of the children who have a keen interest in breakdancing offered by John Cars have since won eight dance contests at Mitchell’s Plain, Delft and Clayfontaine.

“Five of my kids won eight titles in the junior breakdance category. It was really rewarding for me as a coach. The kids will never forget. Good luck. , You are rewarding and winning eight titles last year was an achievement for all of us. “


One of the dancing children played by the John Cars teacher for the onlookers.


Some of Dunkde’s children’s John Cars teachers have already claimed eight junior breakdance titles in Clayfontaine, Mitchell’s Plain, and Delft.

John Cars added that now that school begins, his holiday program runs Monday through Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm.

“Giving children a sense of belonging and a safe place is the main reason I do what I do and they love it. That’s what they look forward to and I I’m not going to give it. I’ll be up soon, “he added.

John Cars said one of his main goals in the future is to build a small dance studio at home so that children can practice in a more structured environment.

“Currently we are using nearby fields for our practice. Hopefully I will build a studio for them and secure some money to continue our work. You can do it, “he added.

Feel Good | Splash of Inspiration: Houtbay activists offer children free swimming, breakdancing and life skills lessons.

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