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The Freedom Front Plus of the Lekwa-Teemane municipality, which consists of Blumhof and Christiana in the northwest, plans to propose a no-confidence motion for Mayor Sebang Motlhabi. It was reported that the mayor had rented expensive German-made vehicles for public use.

Freedom Front Plus says this happened against the backdrop of a municipality on the verge of collapse due to poor service provision and lack of funding.

Lekwa-Teemane Municipality operates with an unfunded budget of approximately 350 million rupees. Municipalities rely entirely on subsidies from the Ministry of Finance and do not have the ability to collect funds from services provided. They are also unable to effectively serve the community.

Sewage runoff, potholes and lack of garbage collection are factors of concern for the community. Now spending over R 131 000 monthly on a rental car for the market, Freedom Front Plus says this is completely unacceptable.

Free Front MP Albert Nel said he would continue to push the bill forward.

“The amount involved here is around R131 000 per month for the last two months. With the city council sitting with no money to buy tools or work for the community to provide basic services, this is completely unacceptable. It works,” says Nel.

Some residents seem to agree with the Freedom Front Plus. Jan Du Plessis is a local businessman who was forced to close his business due to a sewer spill in front of his shop.

“The food sales business had to be shut down because of sewers and runoff running down the street in front of the house. Now that I live only on a pension, I have lost a huge amount of income. At the same time I rented a room, I had to switch to some sort of monthly people because I couldn’t stay one night because of the sewer problem going on here,” he says.

Sebang Motlhabi, Mayor of Lequa-Timane, responded to the question, saying he couldn’t say what kind of car he would drive.

“The car I am offered is not my direction, it is the administration that is providing it. We are asking that this part of the trade tool not determine what kind of car should be used,” says Motlabi.

Northwest ANC Interim Provincial Committee spokeswoman Kenny Morolong issued a stern warning against ANC lawmakers who could conspire with the opposition to remove the mayor.

“If any of the ANCs decide to support this frivolous move, the ANC should take precedence. “There has been a lot of infidelity in the state, and the PWC has voiced a number of these acts of infidelity in the past, and at an appropriate time we will address the next steps,” Mororon said. he says

If the agenda is approved, it is expected to be discussed within a week.

FF Plus Raises Confidence Concept for Northwest Markets – SABC News

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