Fiesta is dead in SA, Figo to Follow

The South African Ford Motor Company has confirmed that the Fiesta hatchback has been discontinued locally, however, it has also explained the future of Figo’s range (also dark)…

Official: Fiesta No longer available in South Africa, Ford’s local branch confirms the end of the once popular Superman line. And it does not end there. The Figo The range – which includes both hatchbacks and sedan components – will soon be discontinued in South Africa as well.

Seventh generation Fiesta Local shores were affected in mid-2018, while facelifted version Appeared on the global stage in September 2021. If you’ve been waiting for the upgraded Fiesta to make its way to Ford’s South African dealers, be prepared for disappointment.

“We can confirm that the Fiesta has been discontinued from Ford’s portfolio in South Africa,” the company confirmed. further details.

Although the seventh-generation model was not as popular in SA as the best-selling sixth-generation Fiesta (and also made the ST without a hot hatch), it still gave the Blue Oval brand a much-needed presence. B-segment. However, after the production of the Pre-facelift model was discontinued, local stock seems to have run out, with 65 units registered in November 2021 falling to 28 in December, 15 to January 2022 and only 7 in February.

Recall, the last hot hatch version of the Fiesta offered in South Africa was 149 kW. ST200, Which was available in limited quantities in mid-2017. The new look of the current generation Fiesta ST, a three-cylinder replica never went off the local shores, much to the chagrin of Ford Performance fans (who were still worried about Focus ST news. Local pass).

What about Figo’s future in South Africa?

The death of a Fiesta built in Cologne leaves SA Figo As the only remaining Ford badge hatchback, but it will not be here long. The local manufacturer of the Dearborn-based automaker has also confirmed that the Figo range (including sedan options) is in the cutting block.

“Figo is currently exhausted and will be discontinued from Ford’s portfolio in South Africa in the future,” the company told us.

Of course, this is not as surprising as the Fiesta news after the introduction of the second generation Figo at the company’s Chennai and Sanand factories in India. Stopped In 2021, without replacement on the cards. A review of the latest data from Naamsa shows that Figo’s stock is also almost exhausted, with local sales falling from 124 units in December 2021 to 81 units in January 2022 and to 29 units in February.

The departure of the Fiesta and Figo followed the local shutdown of the Focus range as early as 2019 as part of Ford’s global strategy to shift investments from traditional passenger car models (such as hatches and sedans) to a growing SUV, a crossover. And bakkies segments. That said, with local produce Volkswagen Polo Still moving significant volumes and similar imported Hyundai i20 And Kia Rio (Not to mention smart prices Suzuki Swift) We continue to work quite well for their respective companies, we can not help but feel that the demise of Fiesta is a bit premature…

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Fiesta is dead in SA, Figo to Follow

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