Fire De Ruyter – SAYEC said load shedding increased under CEO’s watch

As South Africans continue to suffer from blackouts rolling up to step 6, the South African Youth Economic Council (SAYEC) says Eskom’s incompetence is the result of losing weight.

They are therefore demanding the dismissal of CEO Andre de Ruyter as soon as possible.

The IS dark lords Megawatt Park continue to address returns from citizens and civil society organizations due to the continuing power cuts in the country.

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SAYEC founding president Kanakana Mudzanani told the SABC that Eskom management shows a sense of incompetence.

“Often, they failed to maintain their power plants. If you do not meet the schedule deadlines for maintaining your power stations, we will always have a problem that we cannot meet the available demand so we would have to resort to blackouts. ”

“But secondly, there is no strategic plan for how Eskom can be rescued or how Eskom can perform at its best when it can meet the demand for [the] grid, ”Mudzanani said

He says Eskom needs more people – including young black professionals with expertise – who can take on strategic positions in Eskom.

“Especially the position of the chief executive officer. We need someone who is much more technical, we need someone with a strong engineering background and we need someone who is young and fit for the job that is sure to restore the power utility to ensure that South Africa is not in that crisis . we are in at the moment. ”

Mudzanani says the load hunt was reinforced under De Ruyter’s watch.

“Load loss begins in 2007, but from 2007 to around 2019, Eskom will lose about 2 300 gigawatts an hour. In 2020 when Andre de Ruyter was until 2021, the amount of energy we lose in gigawatts is close to 4 000. ”

“So that shows you that the amount of burden that we have lost since its inception in 2007 was due to Andre’s incompetence in Eskom,” Mudzanani said.

Mudzanani says that in a few years de Ruyter’s so much energy has been lost, that even the other CEOs are unable to achieve the loss of such gigawatts under his watch.

“It is very important to note that the amount of money we have lost as an economy due to the loss of burden, 50% of that share, has been under Andre de Ruyter’s watch.

says Mudzaani President Cyril Ramaphosa take responsibility as the country’s leader, and appoint competent young people to lead Eskom if Public Enterprise Minister Pravin Gordhan is unable to do so.

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Fire De Ruyter – SAYEC said load shedding increased under CEO’s watch Source link Fire De Ruyter – SAYEC said load shedding increased under CEO’s watch

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