First fully vaccinated Emirates flight takes off

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Emirates has become one of the first airlines in the world to operate flights with fully vaccinated frontline teams.

All crew members were vaccinated on the flight departing Dubai at 8:30 am to Los Angeles. Included check-in staff, security, business lounges, first class lounges, boarding gate employees, engineers, pilots and cabin crew.

In addition, the flight operations were supported by a fully vaccinated aircraft loading and special handling team, as well as the SkyCargo team working on the cargo and logistics requirements of the EK215.

The Emirates Group started vaccination activities about a month ago. Approximately 26,000, or 44% of the UAE frontline aviation workforce in the group, receive both Pfizer-BioNTech and Sinopharm vaccines.

Adel Arreda, chief operating officer of Emirates Airlines, said the airline’s operational workforce is at the forefront of aviation.

“Protecting people with vaccinations is important to them, to our community, and to the smooth running of our business. It also provides additional protection when they travel with us. Introduce a layer.

“At the forefront of operations, there was a very positive response to the high demand and uptake of Covid-19 vaccine from colleagues, and the vaccination rate continues to gain momentum throughout the business.

“Thanks to the UAE’s leadership in making three vaccines available in the country and promoting an extensive national vaccination program.

“Due to the rapid progress and high intake rates of our own vaccination program, many of our flights will soon be operated by frontline employees who are fully vaccinated and will also be vaccinated. With more people and stronger security measures in place, we can expect many countries to relax their border entry guidelines, “he said.

Nearly 5,000 cabin and flight deck crews chose to vaccinate both doses of Covid-19 vaccine. In addition, thousands of Emirates Group employees in other roles are vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine through the company’s clinics and vaccine centers. Others have chosen to vaccinate at one of the many vaccination centers in the UAE.

The Emirates Group’s Immunization Program is the latest in a series of immunizations and protections to fulfill our commitment to health and safety to our customers and employees. The Group’s vaccination centers operate 12 hours daily to prioritize vaccines on the front lines of aviation.

The United Arab Emirates has administered more than 5.4 million Covid-19 vaccines, and Oxford University-based research website Our World In Data has recently seen a national distribution of 55.27 per 100 people. , Reported to be the second highest. in the world.

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First fully vaccinated Emirates flight takes off

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