Five costly ways to hurt mom [photos]

It’s Mother’s Day Sunday 8 May and like most in the world, you probably feel like you’re going to spoil mom! While most people think of honoring their mother, you can always create something by using some cheap gifts.

Here are five ways to break this mom Mother’s Day.

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1. VIDEO Special Mother’s Day

Editing videos can be scary, but it’s really easy! Gather all the family (and perhaps a few good friends) and have them share why mom is so special to you all. In the video, you can add some photos and videos of the time you shared it. Both the Apple App Store and Android have many free video editing apps to use.

2. Day spa room

We’re sure few moms out there will find weekends and some spas cost a lot of money, why not create your own at home? Anyone in the family can offer Mom a massage, a face, or even a nail polish remover. If it is too hot, perhaps it can sink into the pool.

Treat mom on spa day at these mothers day. Photo by Pixabay

3. IDE script

Writing a letter to express your gratitude is always nice. Mothers spend a lot of time loving and caring for us, so that they are grateful for the heartfelt letter. After all, they have cared for us since we were born…

4. Take it to a safe place

We all have a few libraries collecting dust in our house, why not blow it out and go to a safe place. Mom could cry because she saw us in our closet and in our small suitcase on the first day of school “big”.

Mother's Day
Go to a safe place with your mother. Photo by Pixabay

5. cook a delicious lunch

Good food is the perfect way to connect with your loved one. As the weather improves across the country, you may be able to dampen your mom with a cold snap. Maybe a tasty beef or beef stew. For dessert, you can make incomparable chocolate cake or delicious malva pudding!

Mother's Day
Prepare a tasty meal for your mother on Mother’s Day. Photo by Pixabay

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Five costly ways to hurt mom [photos]

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