Five European Teams That Can Win The 2022 FIFA World Cup 

Qatar 2022 is around the corner, and teams are gearing up to fight for the most coveted trophy in Soccer. The FIFA World Cup is the biggest stage for any soccer player, and it is their chance to prove that they can do it on the big stages. We’ve seen many players discovered by top European clubs because of their FIFA World Cup exploits. An example is James Rodriguez, 2014. 

As the date gets closer, many pundits have begun to predict who will likely take home the trophy, and it has been a hard one, given that there are many strong teams in this year’s edition. We can’t say for sure that one team has it better than another. However, like NASCAR picks, we can make our predictions.

Given that European teams have won the last four editions of the competition, we think there’s a chance it becomes five this year. So, in that case, here are our five European teams picked to win the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 


Arguably the most talented squad coming from Europe, England is a force to reckon with, and they have a good chance to go far in the FIFA World Cup competition this year. Undoubtedly, they can even go as far as winning the competition. It is not going to be easy, but there is a good chance because of the current squad strength and depth the Three Lions have.

Over the last two international competitions, the team has shown that they are formidable and can do what many Three Lions’ squads have been trying to do since 1966. It will take some resilience, but it is possible with players like Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, Mason Mount, etc. 


The German team is not known to have a fully star-studded team, but they know how to play as a unit. We’ve seen how good they can get when they play together. Individually, it might not look like a robust team. However, they are a tough team to beat. Their win in 2014 came from sheer resilience and their push for victory. 

One thing is certain with any German team; they know how to fight even when they are the underdogs. As a result, we think they will be one of the best teams from Europe, and they have a chance to win the World Cup in Qatar this year. Although it will take some work, it is not impossible. 


This is most likely Cristiano Ronaldo’s last shot at the FIFA World Cup, and we sure know how he can get when all hope is lost. He’s a winner everywhere he goes, and he would want to find a way to win his first World Cup before he retires. As a result, we expect Ronaldo and Portugal to go far in this year’s WC edition. 

Portugal has a more formidable team this year, and it is sure going to take a lot of resilience going forward, but there’s a good chance that they’ll win the trophy. We believe they can do the unthinkable with solid players supporting Ronaldo, taking the WC trophy to Lisbon. 


The Spanish team is in the rebuilding process, and we can see how far they’ve come after losing the golden generation to retirement. The team is becoming solid, getting closer to their top form. Although the Euros didn’t go to plan, they showed that they could go far against any adversary. Therefore, we believe the team has a chance. 

With the youngsters gaining more experience and playing on the big stages, Spain has a real chance to make it when they play the FIFA World Cup this year. It will not be easy, but if they can continue working as a unit, it would be possible to get as close as possible and maybe even win it again. 


The Netherlands has an interesting history in the FIFA World Cup competition. However, they’ve been unlucky many times. They’ve lost so many finals, and they would be looking to change the narrative. The team has been away from the World Cup competition since 2014, and after a hard-fought qualification campaign, they are back to the WC finals.

With a solid defense and an exciting attack, the team is not a pushover, making it possible to go far this year. So, we look forward to how far they can get and maybe see the Netherlands celebrate their first FIFA World Cup trophy ever! 

Bottom Line

Europe is home to some of the biggest stars in Soccer, and they have 13 slots in the FIFA World Cup. Therefore, a European country has a better chance of winning the competition than other continents. As a result, we think one of these five nations might have a shot at winning in Qatar. 

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