Florence Masebe pleads with Parliament to protect actors

Along Alicia Biljaral 6 minutes ago

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Veteran actress Florence Mazebe is one of many South African actors who are determined to fight Congress.

They want audiovisual performers to pay the royalties.

The Performer Protection Act of 1967 does not protect the rights of actors in today’s environment.

On Twitter, Masebe posted two clips submitted to Congress to save the actor from “blatant exploitation” by broadcasters and producers.

“The situation hasn’t changed. The situation is getting worse,” she wrote in her first tweet.

Please use it together with the video below.

In the second tweet, the caption says:

“The law is not on my side. Congressmen don’t care. Don’t be fooled by their condolence message.”

In the video, Masebe said:

“My opinion may be personal, but my feelings are on behalf of many audiovisual performers, actors who submitted submissions to this committee and did not have the opportunity to hear them. I strongly believe that there is.

“I make this proposal for many actors, survivors and asylum seekers, whose rights, moral and financial rights are not protected by law … my first to this committee. The request is to first listen to the voices of those who are most interested in this bill and will serve. ”

If the current amendments to the bill are approved, South African law means that actors must earn a sustainable life in the form of royalties throughout their careers, in line with international global practice. ..

Florence Masebe pleads with Parliament to protect actors Source link Florence Masebe pleads with Parliament to protect actors

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