Food Network heats up local cuisine with two exciting new shows

Preparing Cookbook Mzansi, Network, will bring you all the local recipes and more at the premiere of two exciting new South African cooking shows starring homemade talented chef Katlego Mlambo and chef Nti.

The best part of cooking is who prepares the food. Chef Catrego Mlambo and chef Nti will introduce South Africans to the best of local cuisine in March this year.

This showcase of outstanding cuisine begins with a premiere “inside job” with the chef Cattlego Murambo‘March 13, followed by’ African street food Chef Nti‘March 17th.

Read again: Food Network heats up local cuisine with two exciting new shows

Henry Windridge, Senior Director of Marketing, Digital and Creative at Discovery, said: Long-term lockdown, social distance, and the inability to break the bread with the people closest to us. Food is a way for South Africans to get together. The personalities and themes of our two new shows are tuned to do just that! “

Growing up in El Dorado Park, a town south of Johannesburg, Catrego Murambo spent most of his time in the kitchen with his grandmother. Here he developed a passion for cooking.

“Inside job with chef Katlego Mlambo” A noisy chef embarks on a journey to create gourmet cuisine that incorporates South African flair and African flavors. Each thematic episode introduces his love for local produce and fine dining culture and dances to his favorite playlists.

Well known as Chef Nti, Nthabiseng Ramaboa is from Soweto. She was engaged in fashion and facility management before entering the food industry.

‘soAfrican street food “ Girlfriend Take the viewer Travel from South African city to town and explore what defines South African culinary culture. Chef Nti shows how cooking is an integral part of our identity, the story of the country, by leveraging the authentic taste she grew up in. Chef Nti shares her views and insights into iconic cuisine that has been reinterpreted and remixed over the years.

“Diet sharing is always deeply rooted with the sharing of stories, cultural experiences and traditions. When the world adapts to new customs and ways, the common denominator is the diet with the people we value. We continue to be our love for the experience, “says Windridge. “The world has changed a lot in the last few months, but the power of food and the way it connects through plates hasn’t changed. Viewers have both, just as they would welcome them home in March this year. I am confident that I will be fascinated by the talent and charisma of my chef, “he concludes.

Inside job “ Premiered on DSTV Channel 175 on March 13th,’African street food “ March 17th of the following week. For more information, please visit: http://www.foodnetwork.co.za/

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Food Network heats up local cuisine with two exciting new shows

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