Former Escom executive Coco was “dissatisfied” with the Zondo Commission’s “gossip.”

Former Escom executive Matoshera Coco.

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  • Former CEO Matoshera Coco blamed what he called “gossip.” It was submitted to the State Capture Commission as verbal and written evidence.
  • He condemned previous evidence by former Escom secretary Sae Yamamoto Daniels and former Glencore CEO Clinton Eflon, and dismissed their evidence as a “lie.”
  • Coco said he was dissatisfied with the platform the commission gave witnesses and “misleads the investigation” without results.

Matshela Koko, a former CEO of the state power company Eskom, appeared on the Judiciary Investigation Commission on Tuesday and accused what was called a “gossip” presented prior to the investigation as oral and written evidence.

Coco appeared before the committee and submitted evidence related to the operation of the power company currently in trouble. He condemned previous evidence by former Escom secretary Sae Yamamoto Daniels and former Glencore CEO Clinton Eflon and dismissed it as a “lie.”

The subject of the hearing on Tuesday morning was also email communication between Coco, Daniels, and others at Escom, especially via email.

Last month, Quintessence Forensics information technology expert Cecil Louwrens unpacked the email and suspension letter quoted in the utility-related evidence bundle.

Louwrens said the draft stop sign, which appears to be from Daniels’ computer, will be checked for confirmation of metadata in case it is tampered with.

Louwrens referred to the suspension letters included in the Eskom bundle, and the metadata for these suspension letters indicated that Daniels was the creator, but this is another detail of the metadata. Said that it needs to be backed up by.

Eflon will join the Commission in 2019 with Escom’s leader Coco, Gupta-linked businessman Salim Essa, and former Mineral Resources Minister Mosevenji Zwane, the best coal mine for Gupta-linked Tegeta to buy the mine. He said he asked to pick up.

“I am suffering”

Before submitting the evidence, Koko said she was dissatisfied with the platform the Commission gave the witnesses and had no choice but to present the evidence on the same platform, but “misleads the investigation” without results. It was.

“Today is the 6th time. I have to speak for the first time. I am indignant. I have not spoken since the 6th time. I submitted an affidavit to the committee and was told on the first day. Read. I don’t even know what the situation is or if my lawyer will be given the opportunity to interrogate me, “Mr. Coco said.

Coco is also a former secretary general of the Department of Public Enterprises, Richard Seleque, a former public guardian, Turi Madonsera (the state’s capture report first called for the establishment of a Zondo Commission), and of the organization. Condemned undo tax abuse (OUTA). They have released a document here that fixes the number of irregular Escom transactions.

“Mr. Seleke’s Optimum story begins with these agreements because of the widespread gossip. It’s in the Turi Madonsera report, in the OUTA story, in the newspaper. The story is before that. It starts. It starts. When the president was the chair of Optimum. “

Coco said Eflon had never submitted evidence to the Commission under an oath, but he and other witnesses were harassed to do so and cooperated with respect for the Commission. .. Coco argued that Eflon’s evidence contained lies.

“Witnesses cannot mislead you and escape murder. I will come to you to lead you to the truth. I have to rely on witnesses who have deliberately misunderstood you. I’ve come to demand that I don’t, “he said.

Coco said Daniels’ evidence of communication with her was disappointing, asked Zondo to ask who she was communicating with at the time, and she gave other individuals access to their communication. Suggested that it was provided.

“Mr. Daniels needs to know who he’s talking to when he emails me and copies the information portal. She knows who is doing the blind copy that I don’t want to know. Must be. You requested those emails.

“My gut sensations tell me that you don’t have them yet, because I suggested not giving them to you because your team is protecting Mr. Daniels. , I asked my legal team to bring them, “he said.

Coco urged Zondo to punish witnesses who “misunderstood the Commission” before answering questions from evidence leader Pull Seleka. Zondo asked for a short break before the hearing continued.

Former Escom executive Coco was “dissatisfied” with the Zondo Commission’s “gossip.”

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