France supports project against GBV implemented on SNNPR

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Since 2018, France has been engaged in a long-term strategy to support gender equality around the world. Within this framework, the French Embassy’s gender program for 2021-2023 is dedicated to fighting violence against women and girls in Ethiopia. France supports a total of 19 projects developed by Ethiopian NGOs against gender-based violence with a total fund of 850 000 euros (46.7 million birr) as part of the PISCCA program. Two of the projects were implemented by Ethiopian civil society organizations in Turmi (Omo zone – SNNPR) and in Arba Minch (SNNPR).

In Turmi, the association “Omo Morning Star Children (OMC)” is trying to raise awareness among the Hamer, Dassench, Kara and Arbore communities about harmful traditional practices, especially the “Mingi” practice. The community recently renewed its commitment to support increasing young girls’ access to education as a way to increase understanding of the disruptive effects of harmful traditional practices (HTP). OMC Children’s Center accommodates young girls from this minority to protect them from HTP, meet their daily needs and receive a proper education. A total of 34 girls between the ages of 7 and 12 are accommodated in the OMC shelter and have benefited from the program since September 2021. During a conversation held on 30 June in front of the French Embassy team, participants stated the importance of allowing girls to access education, respects women’s rights and is sensitive to gender-based violence, including the practice of ‘mingi’, early marriage of girls and female genital mutilation.

At Arba Minch, Eurika’s “Women’s Healing & Empowerment Initiative” project from the Ethiopian NGO. This initiative aims to provide a comprehensive response to GBV by protecting, rehabilitating and reintegrating survivors in special survivor-centred safe homes. The center provides medical and judicial assistance as well as education. In addition, Eurika works with a network of gender actors and creates awareness through the media and in schools.

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France supports project against GBV implemented on SNNPR

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