Freddie Highmore on slipping into the skin of an autistic savant surgeon in ‘The Good Doctor’

At the age of 29, British actor Freddie Highmore was not only accepted by Hollywood, but also diversified his acting portfolio by wearing the hat of the writer, director and executive producer of the medical drama The Good Doctor. bottom.

And he seems to be challenging his steps.

In a recent zoom interview, he unleashed growth in front of and behind the show’s cameras.

Once again, Highmore plays the character pole separately from what he has ever played.

Cast as Dr. Sean Murphy, an autism surgeon, his savant abilities include a photo-like memory. His ability to grasp the details is of great help in proving himself to his boss who questioned his appointment at the prominent San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.

He states: “It’s really exciting to be involved at that level. Sean is a complex character with such nuances.

“So I am very grateful to David Shore (the” house “showrunner). He welcomed me into the editing process and was very focused on those little details and little moments and helped me emphasize them in the editing. .. “

Based on the 2013 Korean Series of the same name, Daniel Dae Kim (Fame of “Hawaii Five-0”) purchased the rights to his production company, 3AD.

Freddie Highmore as Norman Bates and Vera Farmiga as Norman Bates in the Bates Motel scene. Photo: Paul Drinkwater NBC

From Season 1, Sean has risen from a resident to a trusted doctor.

Regarding playing a character in Hollywood’s underrated community, he explained:

“It meant a lot of research, whether it’s a documentary, a literary work, or, of course, an autism consultant we were on board from the beginning of the show. She continues to work with us. ..

“At the same time, early on that journey, Sean realized that he would never represent everyone in the spectrum, and that we were here to raise awareness of autism. I think I was, but in the end we are telling the individual story and its truth, as opposed to trying to make all the autistic people impossible through this one character. sex.”

Prior to doing “The Good Doctor,” Highmore had several big screen releases under his belt-more notable were “Finding Neverland,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and ” “Golden Compass,” “August Rush,” and “The Spiderwick Chronicle.”-Highmore made a fuss when he slipped into Norman Bates’ skin on the psychological television thriller “Bates Motel.”

When switching tack from a scary character to a useful character, Hymore said: There was a sense of everyday life and structure.

Cast of “Good Doctor”.Photo: Included

“Of course, the characters were completely different.

“But I think it’s very exciting. I don’t want to play the same role over and over again.

“It would be a little boring not only for me, but for the viewer, so I think the excitement is telling a completely different story in a completely different world.”

He acknowledges the domino effect that Covid-19 has had on story arcs this season: “Of course, at the beginning of Season 4, there was an episode that was completely specialized in pandemics and responses. Do: In honor of the real-life experts, risk their lives every day to keep us all safe. Expose to.

“I think it gave us a whole new respect for them, and it really feels like a great honor to play a doctor on TV at this time.”

Evolution is just as natural as it is in real life.

In the latest season, Sean is engaged to Lea Dilallo (played by Paige Spara), the head of the hospital’s IT department. But her parents disagree with their relationship.

He added: “Shaun continues to evolve and change, and I feel like he has grown and matured as a person.

“I think his relationship with Lee is a good example.

“Previously, there was a bit more fun and frivolous view. In Season 4, they are hit by something at a very emotional and deeper level.

“So Sean has grown into a younger resident and his role as a more established doctor, so he has to take responsibility and help in some way.

“Season 4’s relaxed Sean will be challenged in Season 5. He needs to re-adapt.”

And that means he has a nemesis on the horizon.

Highmore said: “There have been many changes since the hospital was bought by someone, and Sean is once again vulnerable and fights a slightly upset facility.

“And the way he adapted to the hospital is being challenged by this new man who comes in and changes the rules. It will be an interesting battle with subtle nuances.”

He hinted that storytelling was fairly layered. Each has its own valid points, but it’s stuck.

Fortunately, Sean will also tie a knot, but with that, more dramas will appear next season.

“Good Doctor” Season 4 will air on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) on Monday at 7:30 pm.

Freddie Highmore on slipping into the skin of an autistic savant surgeon in ‘The Good Doctor’ Source link Freddie Highmore on slipping into the skin of an autistic savant surgeon in ‘The Good Doctor’

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