Free State Cricket Boss Admits Black Athletes’ Accommodation at the Stadium Was Not Appropriate

Former Knights and Protea leg spinner Eddie Laie.

  • Free State Cricket Executive Officer Johannes van Heelden said the Black Academy players who stayed at Mangaun Oval were a temporary arrangement.
  • The player staying on the ground was raised by former Protea and knight spinner Eddie Leie during cricket for social justice and national testimony.
  • Van Heelden said the accommodation situation was something he wasn’t proud of.

Johan van Heerden, CEO of Free State Cricket, admitted that the Academy players who stayed at Mangaung Oval in 2019 were black, but the deal was temporary.

Van Heerden testified to the resumption of social justice and national hearings in Cricket South Africa Cricket. There, he responded to the previous testimony of Eddie Laie and Tandiza Barara on the same platform.

In his testimony, Ray stated that the black athletes staying at Mangaun Oval were offered better accommodation.

Van Heerden said accommodation arrangements weren’t something he was proud of, but helped players reach the next level.

“The board said they weren’t allowed to do this, but they were in the stadium and didn’t have to pay for transportation to get online,” said Van Heelden.

“That’s what happened and I’m not very proud of it. It wasn’t done maliciously.

“It was done to see how they could help them reach the next level. It was private, but not a 5-star accommodation.

“I don’t think there was a white player there. I can’t say that, but it was never in a bad way.”

“Have you ever thought it was the best solution? Probably not, look at those pictures and think about it.”

According to Van Heelden, the idea for accommodation in the stadium was that the academy coach and former Knights Seamer Dillon du Pres had a hard time getting in and out of Bloemfontein. It is said that it emerged because of.

According to Van Heelden, the dormitory was located in the old gym of the Western Pavilion downstairs in the stadium.

“The accommodation was refurbished when the Academy coach asked Dillon du Pres to provide short-term assistance for athletes who couldn’t enter college,” said Van Heelden. rice field.

“They weren’t from Bloemfontein, but they had to travel all day in Kroonstad and elsewhere.

“After that request, Free State Cricket used an old gym downstairs in the Western Pavilion and converted it into accommodation.

“It wasn’t permanent, but to help players see if they are eligible to sign a contract from a short-term perspective.

“There was a TV, there was a brand new bed, it was very clean when I moved and was arranged to be cleaned.

“They had a DStv, a small small kitchen, a shower and a toilet, but I’m not proud of providing accommodation for children of that nature. After they moved, we Never used it again. ”

In his testimony, Ray emphasized the disastrous situation at the property, which Van Heelden agreed, and at the same time emphasized the difference between Eddie and the Academy player who used the property.

“I can fully understand that. If I were a player, I would have felt that way,” said Van Heelden.

“Eddie didn’t live there. He had an apartment rented by a franchise that wasn’t in the stadium, but it was different for him because he was a professional who made a lot of money. . “

Free State Cricket Boss Admits Black Athletes’ Accommodation at the Stadium Was Not Appropriate

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