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Free State Education Department Expects 2021 Difficult-SABC News

The Free State Department of Education says it expects 2021 to be equally challenging. In 2020, it was confused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

The department says dealing with current Grade 12 learners would be a huge task as they were unable to complete the Grade 11 syllabus.

The· Free State has the highest pass rate of 85.1% in the country... This includes 44% of the bachelor’s degree pass rate.

At an event in Bloemfontein, Tate Makgoe of the Free State Education MEC said he was ready to navigate 2021.

“2021 will be very difficult because of the 11th grade, which is now in the 12th grade. Therefore, because the 12th grade is not ready, we want to fill the gap of the 11th grade already from this year, so all I made sure the class went up until Saturday, so I’ll do it. “

This year’s features have been reduced and other districts have joined via videolinks. Mark van der Nest, a student at the St Andrews School in Bloemfontein, who has achieved nine distinctions, will earn a degree in medicine.

“I had friends and family to support me and my teacher. I must say it’s a little easier. I don’t think I can accomplish anything myself.”

For Neo Mthombeni of Ngwathe Secondary School, it was a great effort to make the seven distinctions.

“I have set my own mission and vision so that I can pursue my dreams.”

Another enrollee at Baltimea Special School, Mpho Popane, says he has decided to pass.

“I was the only girl in my class, so I managed it and put pressure on it. Also, because I was learning myself and using the internet, I realized I was independent.”

You will receive some of the top learners Scholarships from the State Department of Education:


Professor Francis Petersen, President and Deputy Prime Minister of the University of the Free State, describes the 2020 enrollment class as a pioneer.

Petersen says learners have resisted the odds of a grade confused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You have reached the end of your school year, a very important period of your life – a time of unequal growth. You grow fast as a human being. As a Free State University, we are important in these years. We are keenly aware of sexuality, so we do not wait until you pass them before joining your education. As you know, we bring positive changes to schools across the country. We have various initiatives aimed at. We have an interest in the school. “

Free State Education Department Expects 2021 Difficult-SABC News

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