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In the mysterious problem of their trademark, French superstar Daft Punk strangely announced that they were split.

The duo has released an 8-minute clip titled “Epilogue” using footage from the 2006 cult film “Electroma”. In this clip, one of the robots puts the other robot in self-destruct mode.

After the explosion, the cutaway reads “1993-2021” and the hands of the two robots circle around the setting sun.

Their spokeswoman, Catherine Frazier, confirmed the news to AFP by email without explaining the reason for the split.

From “Da Funk” in 1995 to “Get Lucky” in 2013, Daft Punk has become a French house music torch bearer around the world, winning six Grammy Awards and a monument to characterize the electronic dance movement. Pioneered a typical sound and light show (EDM in recent years).

They did so almost never revealing their faces. Ubiquitous helmets have become another copied metaphor for EDM stars, but Thomas Bangalter (46) and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo (47) will soon surround them. Brought liberation from fame.

“We have the same level of fame as we do, but we have a much more normal everyday life than the life of an artist who may be obsessed with being physically perceived,” Bangalter said. Said in the 2015 BBC documentary.

“Perfect heritage”

Monday’s announcement sparked a wave of compliments to the influence of Daft Punk’s hits.

“They have always fostered paradoxical hobbies,” electro pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre told AFP, praising the duo’s “very elegant way to say goodbye to fans.”

“I’m grateful forever,” tweeted Christine and Queens singer Chris.

Star music producer Mark Ronson also praised the “gorgeous French robot” and wrote on Twitter: “Daft Punk left the game with a perfect legacy.”

Despite the imminent new tours and endless rumors of the album, Daft Punk has been quiet for several years.

Their last album, “Random Access Memories” in 2013, was a phenomenal success, and the following year four Grammy Awards, including a record for the million-seller lead single “Get Lucky” featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. Was awarded.

However, the long-awaited return to the tour never happened. They reappeared at the Grammys in 2017.

Last month, despite the excitement and explosion of Twitter Sphere in rumors, it appeared with the weekend of the Super Bowl halftime show, but that didn’t happen.

“Daft Punky Slash”

Bangaltel and Homem-Christo met at a school in Paris, and before the ominous start of music with rock band Darling, a future member of the French indie band Phoenix also appeared.

A review on the British Music Press dismissed the band as “Daft Punk Slash”-it chorded with them.

They soon reappeared as successful electronic clothing.

The early singles “Da Funk” and “Around the World” became club staples and led to the big sale of their debut album “Homework” in 1997.

They first wore a helmet in the “Around the World” video, which became their signature look.

It reflected the strict controls they exercised throughout their career, including ownership of their master recordings.

They followed up on the more successful “Discovery” in 2001 and produced the hits “One More Time” and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.

In the years that followed, there were some clear left-wing options, including the production of the 2003 movie Interstella 5555 by Japanese anime master Leiji Matsumoto, who featured the music of “Discovery.”

When the next album in 2005, the more gloomy “Human After All,” received various reviews, they were quickly forgotten in the happiness of the next two years of live shows.

This included a headline appearance at the 2006 US festival Coachella within a giant LED pyramid. EDM fans still talk about it with almost religious respect.

In 2010, they released the Grammy-nominated Tron Disney Reboot soundtrack.

However, no one predicted the great success of “Random Access Memories.” They gave up their regular temporary home rigs into a complete commercial studio and used completely live instruments.

The resulting work dominated the Album of the Year list and helped increase total worldwide sales to 12 million.

In December, Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas told music website The Needle Drop that he was “trying to do something” after collaborating with Daft Punk on his 2013 single “Instant Crush.”

But he was told they were “not playing music now”, one of the duos was “focused on video” and the other was “obsessed with ancient aliens or something”. I was told.

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French dance music superstar Daft Punk Split-Citizen

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