Gavin Williamson, as prickly as Pinocchio, says teacher leader | Education

The president of the UK’s largest education union compared the Secretary of Education with Pinocchio, saying: Gavin Williamson He was “loose and spineless” when he attacked him for his actions during the pandemic.

Robin Bevan, the next president of the National Institute for Educational Policy and the principal of Essex’s Southend High School, said that, like the famous doll, Williamson did not tell the truth, especially about the need for exams.

In his speech to the union’s Virtual Annual Conference, Bevan claimed that many thought Williamson was most similar to Frankspenser. Franks Penther is the unfortunate figure played by Michael Crawford in the 1970s television comedy series.

“Personally, I think it’s an unfair comparison,” Bevan said. “It’s unfair at Michael Crawford, not Gavin Williamson.”

He said Pinocchio is a more accurate fictitious comparison. “For the last few months, the Secretary of State has certainly found that he has a wooden head, a doll, and a loose spine,” Bevan said.

He looked down on Williamson’s record in the office and told the delegation: High Court Injunction to Prevent Students from Staying Home An era when schools across the country were destroyed by Covid-19.

“This is the Secretary of State and refused to publish the number of students attending the week until a few weeks after the normal deadline.

“And this is … two days later, if the Prime Minister decides it’s time to blockade the country and stands in the Capitol and his parents aren’t happy with the education offered in remote areas, keep in mind, 48. You need to report the school to Ofsted just by notifying you in advance. “

According to Bevan, Williamson “did not say anything” when he told Ofsted how much thousands of parents were supporting local schools.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education said: “Through the pandemic, the Secretary of Education placed staff and student safety at the center of all decision-making, ensuring that schools and universities were as fully open as possible. Available scientific and medical advice. ..

“The pandemic process led to swift decisions being made to respond to changes in our understanding of the virus, and we had to take action for the national interest. Of all the students in March. The full return is due to the efforts of staff and young people who have consistently adhered to a series of safeguards implemented to reduce the risk of infection. “

Later, at the meeting, Newcastle teacher Amy Kilpatrick reported that “toxic and lazy culture” was widespread in British schools, and that sexism “sneaked into corridors and classrooms.” .. Exposures to sexual abuse and harassment were recently published on the Everyone’s Invited website.

A motion, overwhelmingly passed by the delegation, called for the school to have a “strong sexual harassment and abuse policy” for the safety of staff and students.

Kilpatrick supports the success of amendments that encourage male teachers and boys to “learn about sexism and its roots and develop understanding and methods to challenge peers” to assist women and girls. did.

“To achieve the dramatic changes we want to see, we must educate our boys, male teachers, and support staff,” Kilpatrick said.

“We need to make sure that the growing boy can’t say’but it was just a joke’-and it starts with education and having a man as an ally.”

Richard Rieser, who works in eastern London, called on men to “take ownership and responsibility” for sexism. “We need to make sure that the reaction in our school isn’t just for women and girls. It must be a man who challenges sexism and stands side by side with our sisters.” He said.

Mary Bousted, Co-Secretary of the NEU, said: Those. “

Gavin Williamson, as prickly as Pinocchio, says teacher leader | Education

Source link Gavin Williamson, as prickly as Pinocchio, says teacher leader | Education

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