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GCIS celebrates Black Wednesday’s 44th anniversary

The Government Communications and Information Systems (GCIS) celebrates the 44th anniversary of Blackwaters, a day set aside to join the South African media industry and discuss and discuss media freedom.

South African history demonstrates the need for ongoing debate about the realization of the important role that the media plays in strengthening media freedom and democracy.

On October 19, 1977, the apartheid government banned independent media in an attempt to spit out media coverage of the administration’s brutal conduct. especially, world When Weekend world It was banned.

Editor worldPercy Qoboza, who became the editor of City press In 1984, he was detained with other journalists.

“The media is a key partner and stakeholder in the government, and GCIS confirms its commitment to support media freedom. GCIS is committed to sharing ideas and information on key national issues. We welcome regular interaction with media and formations such as SANEF, press clubs and press galleries.

“We will further strengthen these relationships and consolidate the importance of media independence. Media activity is reflected in government, how our society works, and democracy. It is a measure of the government’s commitment to democracy and socio-economic development.

“Since the advent of democracy, South Africa has enjoyed free press fixed to the foundations of the Constitution. Freedom of the press must always be respected and upheld,” said GCIS Secretary Phumla Williams. I am.

The media has been at the forefront of COVID-19 since its inception and is an important platform for communicating credible and factual information about COVID-19 to the public.

South Africans are urged to obtain information from genuine media and credible sources to avoid fake news and false information that attempts to upset the country’s efforts to combat the pandemic.

“All forms of threat to media freedom are attacks on our democracy. Therefore, we all play a role in protecting us who fought hard for democracy.

“The government also thanked all the journalists who worked hard to keep up with the pandemic-related developments and remembers the journalists who died while bringing stories to our homes.” Williams said. – –

GCIS celebrates Black Wednesday’s 44th anniversary

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