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General Masemola announces high-ranking cop appointments

As the country kicks off Women’s Month today, the South African Police Service welcomed the first female Deputy National Commissioner in charge of policing, Lt. Gen. Tebello Mosikili, who took office exactly a month.

The National Commissioner of the South African Police Service (SAPS), General Fannie Masemola, announced the appointment and two others at a press briefing in Pretoria on Monday.

In his inaugural address four months ago, General Masemola said one of his immediate priorities was to fill critical vacancies.

“It’s because appointing senior managers to key positions in the organization is part of my broader strategy to create a functional and enabling environment to accelerate service delivery to communities,” he said. .

Lieutenant General Mosikili is responsible for overseeing all visible police and operations environments, as well as the Protective and Security Services (PSS).

Under this new role, she is also the new chair of the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure (NatJOINTS) alongside the co-chairs of the State Security Agency and the South African National Defense Force.

General Masemola said that for now, Lt. Gen. Mosikili is also overseeing the crime detection environment following the recent retirement of the then Deputy National Commissioner, Lt. Gen. Ntshinga. .

Lieutenant General Mosikili has held a number of leadership positions within the organization during his more than three decades of uninterrupted service.

Prior to her appointment, she served as Deputy National Chief of the Priority Crimes Investigations Directorate (DPCI) since August 2020.

“Lt. Gen. Mosikili has extensive experience in crime detection and operational policing environments, having also held the position of Divisional Commissioner: Detective Service and Head of Component Responsible for the Violence Unit Family, Child Protection and Sexual Offenses (FCS) over her illustrious career.. She holds a B-Tech degree in policing and is currently pursuing an LLB degree,” said said General Masemola.

General Masemola also introduced the new Divisional Commissioner for Supply Chain Management, Molefe Fani, whose appointment takes effect today.

Prior to this appointment, Fani was Acting Director of Procurement for the National Treasury.

General Masemola said he brings to SAPS extensive experience in the supply chain management environment that he has accumulated in both the private and public sectors.

“Fani has held various leadership positions including Senior Director: Supply Chain Management in National Treasury since December 2018, Adviser: Supply Chain, Research and Policy in Provincial Treasury of Gauteng, as well as group procurement manager at the African Exploration, Mining and Finance Corporation (AEMFC),” Gen. Masemola said.

He holds a National Diploma in Chemical Engineering, a B-Tech Diploma in Technology, an Honors Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), and a Master of Commerce (MCom).

The General also announced the long-awaited appointment of the Northern Cape Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Koliswa Constance Otola.

“We celebrate this appointment today because, as we continue to implement the SAPS Women’s Empowerment Program, our ratio of female to male Provincial Commissioners today officially stands at five female PCs to four male PCs. “, did he declare.

General Masemola said these appointments are the result of a thought process aimed at finding the most suitable candidates from among the existing large pool of equally suitable peers.

Lieutenant General Otola has been in service since January 1989. Within three years, she was promoted to Sergeant. She holds a National Diploma and a B. Tech in Policing.

Otola served at the rank of major general after his promotion in 2016.

“Until yesterday, Lt. Gen. Otola was the Deputy Provincial Commissioner responsible for crime detection and also served as the Acting Provincial Commissioner, wearing both hats with diligence and commitment to the call to serve and protect the people of the Northern Cape,” Masemola said. –

General Masemola announces high-ranking cop appointments

SourceGeneral Masemola announces high-ranking cop appointments

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